Will the other members of The Boys get powers (and what will they be)?


The boys season 3 introduces Billy Butcher’s Compound-V-induced abilities, opening up the possibility for other Boys members to do the same and gain powers like they have in the comics. The boys premiered in 2019 to commercial and critical success, and it quickly became one of Amazon Prime’s top original shows. The comic book adaptation follows William “Billy” Butcher and his team, the Boys, on their mission to expose the misdeeds of the Supes, or superheroes.

Every Supe in The boys is created with Compound-V, a very rare chemical concoction developed by Jonah Vogelbaum. He stole it and fled to the United States, where it fell into the hands of Vought, a huge, lucrative corporation that used it to develop superheroes and turn them into celebrities. Being exposed to Compound-V as an infant, like Homelander, yields the best results in terms of abilities conferred. However, in the comics, a grown adult can also use the chemical to gain powers.


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One of The boys’ the biggest draw is how the odds are against the titular group, being mostly powerless themselves. The only exception is Kimiko, who once opposed Black Noir – a possible Homelander clone – and nearly died. The boys season 3 looks to build on the band and their powers, as the trailer features a green version of Compound-V that, when ingested, can turn anyone into a superhero. However, unlike the comics, the benefits are temporary. There, all of the Boys members were already super-powered at the start, with the exception of Hughie Campbell, but it’s unclear if the show will now give the other Boys members their comic book powers, and what they will be. .

Billy Butcher’s Powers in The Boys Season 3 and Comics

Karl Urban as Billy Butcher in The Boys Butcher Baker Candlestickmaker

William “Billy” Butcher is a former CIA-backed Royal Marine. He is known for his ability to manipulate, his deep knowledge of others, and his sheer brutality, which stems from his intense hatred of Supes. This animosity was alluded to in the series, but in the comics it’s darker: eventually Homelander – Vought’s top superhero – sexually assaulted Butcher’s wife, Becca, resulting in her death. In the comics, Butcher experiments with standard Compound-V effects; it is stronger, faster and longer lasting, approaching the strength of breast milk.

The trailer for The boys season 3 introduces Supe Butcher, but there are differences in the adaptation. First, he was only seen using his yellow laser eyes ability in the series, but it’s not a power he ever gained in the original comic. Second, Butcher’s strength, speed, and other abilities remain unknown, though it’s likely he’ll gain them as well. However, how strongly the show decides to create the temporarily overpowered Butcher in Season 3 could also vary.

Hughie’s Boy Powers Explained

Hugh “Hughie” Campbell is the heart and soul of The Boys, often acting as the moral anchor for the team. In the comics, Hughie became a member of The Boys when A-Train accidentally killed his girlfriend by throwing one of the Seven’s villains into a building she was standing next to. Hughie is the last member of The Boys to receive superpowers, which he gains just before the group faces the young superhero team Teenage Kix thanks to Butcher injecting him with Compound-V without his permission. In Hughie’s first fight, he has the strength to instantly kill Teenage Kix member character Blarney Cock with a single punch to the chest. It also benefits from increased speed and durability.

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In the series, Hughie’s strength mostly revolves around his ability to calm the members of The Boys down and keep them together as a team. He’s also constantly underestimated, but he uses his wits to get the best out of his enemies, as seen with his sudden turn against Translucent. It’s unlikely that Hughie would choose to take Compound-V willingly, with his distaste for the violent life he’s fallen into and wanting nothing more than to get back to normal by the end of The boys season 2. However, like in the comics, there’s a chance Butcher won’t give Hughie a choice. Since Butcher receives three vials of Compound V in the Season 3 trailer, one of them could go to “Wee Hughie.”

Frenchie powers in boys explained

Frenchie is the most mysterious member of The Boys, having grown up in a small village in France before his parents’ grief and death drove him into Butcher’s welcoming arms. Once recruited, Frenchie doesn’t have much to live for, making him a useful asset for missions that often lean towards suicide. Despite Frenchie’s polite exterior, he is one of the most vicious members of the team, and he is also well trained in combat, especially with weapons, thanks to his military experience. Frenchie, who was sweetened at Amazon The boys serial adaptation, also has an abnormally sensitive nose allowing him to stalk people like a sniffer dog. How he got his powers remains a mystery, but it’s likely Butcher gave them to him when he recruited him. Frenchie (aka Serge) has the typical traits though, despite being given Compound V in old age.

The show’s Frenchie is similar in that he is impulsive, emotionally deep, and incredibly skilled with weapons. However, the series really pushes his ability to create weapons to kill Supes, which is why in Amazon’s series, Mallory recruits him to the original team. Frenchie receiving his sniffing ability seems highly unlikely as it wouldn’t fit the tone of the show. Still, the show’s version of Frenchie, whose origin was revealed in Season 2, is an impulsive character, something Mother’s Milk hates about him. And given the right circumstances, he would more than likely take Compound-V for the ones he loves, namely Kimiko.

Kimiko’s Boy Powers Explained

Karen Fukuhara as Kimiko Female in The Boys

Kimiko (aka the female) is probably the strongest member of the boys. She was infected with Compound-V at a very young age, falling into a bucket and gaining superpowers soon after. Like on the show, Kimiko was held captive for years, which made her underdeveloped in human socialization and everyday life. She uses her fingernails as claws, and in the comics she is strong enough to take the eye of Stormfront, the Nazi version of Homelander and also the 2nd strongest Supe.

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Kimiko’s origin in the series doesn’t differ much from the comics in that she is the most powerful of the group and has enhanced speed, strength, and durability. However, Kimiko’s healing power is unique to the Amazon series. When she was assaulted in the comics, she ended up in a coma, as she recovers from devastating injuries in seconds in the adaptation of The boys. Kimiko taking the new Compound-V pills probably wouldn’t make her much better, but given the deviant nature of the show, it’s possible it might temporarily make her stronger. Her power lies mostly in her savagery and mad desire to kill, but Kimiko is very different in the comics.

The powers of breast milk in boys explained

Laz Alonso's Mother's Milk talks to Starlight about her dad on The Boys

Mother’s Milk is interesting for several reasons. His real name is Baird Wallis, and his true character is evident from his connections. He was exposed to Compound-V as a fetus because his mother worked at a dog food cannery that produced it. “MM”, as he is more often called, has incredible strength resulting from drinking his mother’s breast milk; he not only needs it to stay strong but also to survive. MM also has an incredible talent for stalking people, often playing the group’s detective. He often realizes the misdeeds of Butcher, who has a villainous breakdown in the comics, after lying. His strength is close to Butcher’s like when the two fought in the comics the result was very close, but MM ultimately lost.

At Amazon The boys, MM’s family struggles continue to make him one of the more honest and less violent members of the group. Often MM is like Hughie in the way he doesn’t want to be involved, but stays to protect those he loves, or because Butcher has dragged him too deep. MM seems the least likely to take the new Compound-V and become super-powered like Butcher is The boys season 3 trailer. Unless his family is in danger and he has no other choice, because the life of violence is not something he chooses to be a part of – unlike his comic counterpart, whose brother died from Compound-V, which made him hate Vought.

The adaptation of the Amazon series of The boys deviated wildly from the source material in many ways, including the characters’ backstories and motivations, leaving their future a mystery even to comic book fans. Hopefully, however, The boys season 3 will reveal the group at their peak efficiency and see Frenchie sniff out the bad guys.

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The boys returns to Amazon Prime on June 3, 2022.

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