Why Officer Gene Clemens From In The Dark Looks So Familiar


Turns out Matt Murray’s turn in “In the Dark” isn’t his first time portraying law enforcement. From 2014 to 2015, he played Officer Duncan Moore in “Rookie Blue”. The Canadian crime drama, which debuted in 2010 and aired on ABC in the US, follows a group of cops in Toronto who have just graduated from the police academy. Throughout its six seasons, they learn to navigate the trial-by-fire challenges of real-life police work. Murray appeared as Duncan from Season 5 to Season 6.

Despite the superficial similarities between the roles, well-made, justice-seeking Gene Clemens couldn’t be any different from twisted, incompetent Duncan Moore. From day one at the 15th Division, Duncan is a cowardly and clumsy troublemaker who goes out of his way to make life difficult for his fellow team officers. He is later suspended after endangering his training officer, Andy McNally (Missy Peregrym), on the job.

Murray opened up about his feelings about playing the villain in an interview with talk nerdy with us“If you do a comedy part and you make people laugh, you know you did your job. If you do a sad part, you make people cry, you know you did a good job. So, if you’re the bad guy and everyone hates you, you know you did a good job.”

Murray then played fellow cop, Detective Tony Michaels, in the 2016 crime drama miniseries “Eyewitness” alongside Julianne Nicholson, Tyler Young and James Paxton.


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