(WATCH) Bald Eagle Catches Someone’s Pet Cat in Northern Minnesota


I’m pretty sure this sort of thing happens a lot more often than we think. I know I would definitely keep my eyes on a little pet outside when the eagles are around.

I had a friend who once told me that they were chopping down a tree in their cabin by the lake. This tree happened to contain an abandoned eagle’s nest. When they came down the tree, they found several cat collars in the nest.

In the summer I see the eagles circling the geese and their goslings hanging out on the beach by the lake. When the eagles fly overhead, the adult geese surround the goslings and cry bloody murder in an attempt to scare the eagle off in search of lunch.

This video is a good example of how easily an eagle can catch a small pet. Eagles are quick and sneaky. Your cat or small dog could disappear in an instant.

This video shows an eagle taking flight with someone’s cat. According to WhiskeyRiff.com, the woman who took the video saw the eagle just sitting in a park. She thought it was strange that the eagle was just sitting there. Little did she know that the eagle was sitting on top of a cat that had curled up on the ground in an effort to protect itself.

She started filming the eagle and was unprepared for what she saw next. The eagle spread its huge wings and flew away, taking the helpless domestic cat with it.

“My dog, Keisha and I were taking some wildlife pictures when I saw this eagle sitting on the ground. It was arguing with two black birds. I decided to take a picture of it. This would be the first photo of an eagle that I would take.

When I started to approach him, he didn’t move. So I decided to make a video of him. Thought it taking off in flight would make a great video. I was shocked. Didn’t see that coming.

My dog ​​and I just sat there like, what did we just see?

Keep an eye on your pets if you find yourself in an area frequented by eagles. You definitely don’t want to lose your furry friends, especially this way.

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