Treat your furry family members to something special this cyber week


Our pets are not just animals, they are part of the family. Their health, comfort, entertainment and well-being are our top priority. Check out these 29 products that will improve your pet’s life and make you a better pet owner. Plus, each of these offers gets an additional 20% off when you use Cyber ​​Monday coupon code CMSAVE20 at checkout.

You can never go too far in your cat’s love, and that’s why we are offering this cat backpack at a great price. You can now take the mittens with you wherever you go.

Get “The Fat Cat” Cat Backpack for $ 95.99 (reg. $ 199) with code CMSAVE20.


Find out the exact breed of your four-legged friend, discover personality traits and more with this DNA cheek swab.

Get the Dog Breed Identification DNA Test for $ 47.99 (reg. $ 79) with the code CMSAVE20.


Do you really want to understand your puppy and all his picky food? So you have to get him tested for his allergies.

Get My Pet Allergy Test Kit for $ 55.99 (reg. $ 99) with code CMSAVE20.


Nothing is worse than a stressed or anxious puppy. We have the perfect answer to help Fido overcome his stress, boredom and loneliness.

Get Relax My Dog video streaming: 2-year subscription for $ 15.99 (reg. $ 84) with code CMSAVE20.


Discover your dog’s DNA and learn about potential health risks, breed makeup, and more.

Get my dog’s breed identification DNA test and full genetic screening for $ 143.19 (reg. $ 225) with code CMSAVE20.


Cats simply have an incredible amount of curiosity and play, and that’s why you need to keep them occupied with a Wicked Ball when you’re not at home.

Get the Wicked Ball: Interactive Cat Toy for $ 39.20 (reg. $ 49) with code CMSAVE20.


Want to buy a really cool toy for your dog? Who wouldn’t! Check out this automatic ball with 3 fun modes.

Get the Wicked Ball: Interactive Dog Toy for $ 34.36 (reg. $ 49) with the code CMSAVE20.


Looking to give your puppy a better way to play? This dog toy features Bluetooth connectivity and 9 interactive modes to keep Scrappy entertained all day long.

Get the Wickedbone: Smart Interactive Dog Toy for $ 55.96 (reg. $ 99) with code CMSAVE20.


We treat all of our doggies like royalty, and what better way to show them how much you love them than with this sofa, which they can call their own.

Get the Wickman Dog Sofa for $ 79.99 (reg. $ 129) with the code CMSAVE20.


Training your puppy new tricks doesn’t have to be hard work. Here’s a fun and easy way to teach any dog ​​a new trick or two.

Get the Arf Pets Memory Training Puzzle Toy for $ 39.99 (reg. $ 59) with code CMSAVE20.


Sometimes our animals are just not ready to eat when we need them. That’s why this vending machine will dispense the perfect serving size when you just can’t be there.

Get the Dog and Cat Pet Food Vending Machine for $ 63.99 (reg. $ 119) with code CMSAVE20.


Okay, we all love our pets, but litter is a level of love that doesn’t get any easier no matter what we think of Fluffy. Here’s a great way to make the job easier in less time.

Get the SiftEase Litter Box Cleaner for $ 31.99 (reg. $ 45), with code CMSAVE20.


It’s that time of year when the temperature drops and we all put on our puffy coats. If we are cold, so will our puppy. Here’s a great way to keep Sparky warm no matter the weather.

Get the 5V Rechargeable Waterproof Heated Dog Vest for $ 25.56 (reg. $ 119) with the code CMSAVE20.


Are you looking for a new game to play while on vacation? Well, here’s one that will have you and all of your friends laughing over and over again.

Get the Farting Frenchies: A Deck of Cards for $ 15.99 (reg. $ 24) with code CMSAVE20.


Are you looking for ways to enrich your puppy’s life? Then you need to check out this technology created especially for dogs.

Get the DOGTV: Lifetime Subscription for $ 159.99 (reg. $ 424) with code CMSAVE20.


Learn more about your cat with a breed and health DNA test. You will learn things like race, character traits, genetic markers, and more.

Get the Race + Health Basepaws DNA Test: Home Genetic Test for Cats for $ 103.20 (reg. $ 129) with the code CMSAVE20.


Keeping your cat entertained is not only very important, it is very difficult so far. This toy is portable and will keep your cat happy all day long.

Get the LED Cat Spinner Toy for $ 15.99 (reg. $ 39) with code CMSAVE20.


Our cars can get a little… er, smelly, especially if our pets join us on car rides. This little gadget cools the air in your car easily and quickly.

Get the VentiFresh Plus: Next Generation Anti-Germ & Odor Car Pack for $ 47.99 (reg. $ 88) with code CMSAVE20.


Knowing your dog’s DNA will help you identify breed, predict weight, analyze health risks, and more.

Get the Orivet Dog DNA Test Kit: Dog Breed, Hereditary Health Risks, and Life Plan for $ 75.99 (reg. $ 109) with code CMSAVE20.


If you have a pet and haven’t heard of 5Strands, now is the time. Improve your pet’s health by understanding their food and environmental intolerances.

Get the 5Strands Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Test for $ 107.99 (reg. $ 148) with code CMSAVE20.


You love your scruffy little puppy, but you also love your car. Well, you don’t have to pick your favorites anymore.

Get the Meadowlark® Dog Seat Cover with Mesh Window (Standard) for $ 43.19 (reg. $ 57) with the code CMSAVE20.


4.55 stars on Amazon suggests that these dog nail clippers are just what you need to keep Fido’s pedicures perfect.

Get Boshel® Dog Nail Clippers and Nail Clippers for $ 11.19 (reg. $ 16), with code CMSAVE20.


You can give your dog the best dental care, not only will their teeth be shining, but it can improve their overall health as well.

Get the Boshel® Dog Toothbrush Set for $ 7.19 (reg. $ 13) with code CMSAVE20.


Feed and entertain your pet with just one sweet toy.

Get the Interactive Educational Cat & Dog Feeding Ball for $ 35.96 (reg. $ 59) with code CMSAVE20.


You can screen your feline for all major dental ailments and keep their oral hygiene up to date with this test kit.

Get the Basepaws Cat Dental Health Test for $ 63.99 (reg. $ 79) with the code CMSAVE20.


Treat your kitten to something fun to do while you are too busy to play with this set of interactive toys.

Get the Cheerble Ice Cream Ball Smart Interactive Cat Toy for Indoor Cats and Kittens for $ 23.99 (reg. $ 35) with the code CMSAVE20.


What if we told you that you can fish and entertain your cat at the same time? Well, now you can.

Get the Magnetic Fishing Cat Wand Toy Set for $ 11.99 (reg. $ 19) with code CMSAVE20.


You love dogs and love teaching them new skills. This training pack is perfect for you.

Get the 2022 Essential Dog Training Pack for $ 15.99 (reg. $ 1,592) with code CMSAVE20.


The comfort of your pet is your number one concern and that is why you should buy one of these beds and quickly.

Get the HEATD dog bed mattress with removable heating pad, rechargeable battery and cooling pad slots for $ 103.99 (reg. $ 199) with code CMSAVE20.

Prices subject to change.


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