Top 10 films of 2021


For this list, we’ll take a look at the top 10 movies that will come to mind as we think back to 2021. These movies have made theaters our second home and have kept us continually renewing streaming subscriptions. In addition, these titles are rated based on critical praise, impressive box office success, memorable screenplay, top notch directing, flawless acting performance, and of an impact on pop culture.

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Tic, Tic … BOOM!: Lin Manuel Miranda’s first outing as a director drew nods from the academy for his lead actor’s outstanding performance in a musical. Andrew Garfield plays a budding artist in conflict with the pursuit of unrealistic ambition and the resolution of harsh reality.

MASS: In a time of progressive technical and cultural evolution, MASS is as simple a film as it gets. In this dark drama, Four Parents tell us what you think is a nightmare, but actually their reality.

The power of the dog: This slow-burning drama reveals the cast of Benedict Cumberbatch. The Marvel wizard portrays Phil, a ranchman with multiple pent-up traits beneath a cold exterior. This western film excels in landscape cinematography, intrusive score and strength from its supporting cast, Kodi Smit-McPhee, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons., in a breathtaking scenario.

The more they fall: Starring Idris Elba as Regina King, The Harder They Fall is a revisionist western film with intense kinetic power that reignites the allure of cowboy adventures on modern television, especially now with people of color.

king richard: Will Smith delivered the best career performance in decades of decent filmography. This inspiring biopic of two tennis legends, Serena and Venus Williams, tells a story of determination against all gender and race odds and parental sacrifice.

Mitchell against the machines: Considering Disney Raya and the last dragon, or Pixar Luca, 2021 has been a meteoric year for animation. Still, no moving image has surpassed Michael Rianda’s family-centric comedy-drama when it comes to exhilarating story material and cutting-edge visuals that demanded multiple viewing.

CODA: Simply put, CODA, an abbreviation for “Child of Deaf Adults,” tells stories at its best. The plot follows Ruby, the only hearing child in her deaf family. Ruby has a fantastic voice and wants to be a singer. Yet she is forced to support her deaf family in running her fishing business in a small town while pursuing her musical ambitions as far as Berkeley. CODA highlights the rarely seen television “hard of hearing” community, that during and after its broadcast, this film forces audiences to start listening not with our ears alone, but with our hearts.

Dune: Dune’s breathtaking images, paired with detailed world-building and Hans Zimmer’s chilling musical score, are so immersive that its viewers are completely immersed in his dystopian universe. With a star-studded cast, Dennis Villeneuve’s re-adaptation of the timeless franchise takes us through time and space containing limitless possibilities as heroes and enemies battle for fate and fate.

Spider-Man: No Path Home: Marvel has produced numerous films and mini-series this year, from LOKI at Black Widow, but the highlight of the MCU’s success was the conclusion of Tom Holland’s epic trilogy with No way to get home. Not only did this movie live up to its hype, it also exceeded expectations. Directed by Jon Watts, No way home packed with glorious comic book action and heartwarming fan service that got us hitting the air in theaters. But other than his bold performance important to every Spider-Man movie, what makes this installment a big winner among fans and critics alike is the highly anticipated web-heads assembly of Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield. A gesture that sums up our entire childhood in an instant. We’ll see No way home considered one of the best live-action adaptations of Stan Lee’s main character in decades to come.

Belfast: Belfast is a film about education, immigration and the family. It is a heartwarming memory dedicated to those who leave, those who remain, those who are lost and those who return.

In black and white cinematography, screenwriter and director Kenneth branagh Incorporates elements of his childhood in the tumult of the late 1960s in England in this extraordinary film. Eleven-year-old actor Jude Hill makes outstanding debut performance as Buddy; A brilliant mind that must maintain its childhood wonder amidst great uncertainty. This coming-of-age drama retains its aura of well-being with a cheerful Van Morrison soundtrack and upbeat dialogue that serves as a reassuring love letter to the blameless child who is always within us.

Do you agree with this list? What was your favorite movie of 2021?


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