Three personalities inside Shigaraki, Tamaki’s super move is unleashed


While readers laughed at Mirio’s “you never had any friends” comment in the final chapter, my hero academia Chapter 361 proved the importance of this statement. The struggle for control inside Shigaraki’s body has always been a matter of debate, but this chapter makes it clear that there are not two, but three sides involved in this struggle.

On the other hand, my hero academia Chapter 361 also introduces the Big 3’s most unlikely member as a trump card against Shigaraki. The nature of Tamaki’s Quirk and the vast scope of its application has always interested avid fans, and this chapter puts that theory into practice.

My Hero Academia Chapter 361 Sets Up Shigaraki Against Suneater

In the final chapter, the Big 3 worked together to save Bakugo and bring him back to Best Jeanist. Although he was seriously injured, Bakugo continued to analyze the fight.

Mirio and Shigaraki clashed when Mirio hit the villain with a combination of his strength and Nejire’s wave. Mirio dismissed AFO’s argument for a better society and told him that he simply lacked friends.

my hero academia Chapter 361 is titled “Abnormal events.

AFO, Tomura and Tenko

My Hero Academia, Ch. 361: Shigaraki’s impenetrable body is put to the test by Mirio and the attack force! Read it for FREE from the official source! ​​

my hero academia Chapter 361 begins with a glimpse of Tenko Shimura trapped inside Tomura Shigaraki, similar to chapter 334. Aggravated by Mirio’s accusation, Tenko momentarily takes control of Shigaraki’s body and loudly proclaims that he to some friends.

Shocked by this outburst, Mirio apologizes for his words and simultaneously remarks that Shigaraki’s main body is strong enough to withstand his and Nejire’s combined attacks.

AFO is also baffled by this momentary lack of control and deduces that while he is controlling Tomura, Tenko Shimura still exists within that body and is fighting his way out.

in a situation like this, he feels bad for hurting his enemy’s feelings… he’s so nice #MHA361

Wanting to end this fight, AFO/Shigaraki advances towards Bakugo, who still analyzes the fight in a daze. Best Jeanist steps in to protect his mentee, while Nejire continues his attacks on Shigaraki. In a flashback, it is revealed that Tamaki has a secret weapon, and Mirio and Nejire buy him time to prepare it.

Sun Eater’s True Power

my hero academia chapter 361 flashbacks to when the Big 3 were freshmen. Nejire, blessed with a powerful quirk, was the envy of her peers. Nejire, in turn, considered them to be below her and stayed away in class.

Despite being an introvert with severe social anxiety, Tamaki reached out to her the same way Mirio once reached out to him. Thanks to Tamaki, Nejire met Mirio and later gathered the courage to become cheerful herself.

After a very long time, I loved a chapter that still had none of the front line MCs were so good. #MHA361

In the present, as Shigaraki moves forward, Tamaki unleashes his super move, the true form of his “Vast Hybrid”. It’s a combination of all the countless things he’s eaten over a long period of time.

Nejire and Mirio notice that Tamaki’s power increases the more he eats, thus theoretically granting him unlimited potential. They both cheer on their friend as he is the only one with a real chance against Shigaraki.


my hero academia chapter 361 makes it clear that Tomura and Tenko have two separate identities. Tenko Shimura stopped growing the moment his family perished and Tomura Shigaraki was born, which is why the former appears as a child. This is underscored by Tenko’s use of the present tense to describe Mon-Chan, his dog whom he accidentally killed when his powers manifested.

AFO itself recognizes Tenko and Tomura as two different people. Interestingly, he refers to Tenko as Shimura, indicating that while he considers Tomura his dear student and prodigy, Tenko is still primarily seen as Nana Shimura’s grandson.

Obviously, AFO wants to exterminate this existence from his ship’s body, as Tenko represents the tiny fragment of Tomura’s soul that is still redeemable.

On the hero side, readers had long speculated that Nejire was the most formidable of the three in terms of sheer might. While fans have universally accepted that Tamaki’s limitless potential is a theoretical possibility, very few expected it to be put into practice during any of the fights.

By a general count, over 40 organic and inorganic traits are mixed in Tamaki’s super move, including Nejire’s energy.

Final Thoughts

Thinking back to their interactions makes them so much more endearing knowing that Tamaki contacted her when she was shutting down and wanted to be her friend. #MHA361

Many fans took my hero academia chapter 361 as a death flag for Tamaki. With Nejire’s flashback and close-up of his face on the last page, it looks like Sun Eater is set up for a very typical Shonen dispatch.

However, since Horikoshi strives to subvert readers’ expectations at every turn, nothing can be said for sure. One can only hope that Tamaki survives this battle and gets the graduation ceremony he wants.

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