‘They all have their own fan clubs’: Boston dog walker is followed on Instagram with photos of perfectly posed puppies


BOSTON — It’s a pack hard to miss: On Tuesday morning, Steven Watson was out for his first walk of the day around Boston with six of his furry friends.

“I have a whole bag of toys that I take with me, but that’s the only one he really likes,” Watson said.

Also in the bag: his camera.

“I love being with the dogs, documenting their lives, showing what kind of adventures they go on,” Watson said.

He has been a dog walker since the 90s and runs the “Dog’s Best Friend” business.

“Some of these early days dogs that I don’t have pictures of, so I wanted to get a camera and really document them so I have something to remember them by,” Watson said.

He started uploading some of his photos to his Instagram page @ThePiedDogWalker.

“You can see their personalities really come through in the picture, which is what I’m trying to capture,” Watson said.

The account now boasts a fanbase of nearly 80,000 followers, many of whom are enamored with the snaps of the well-behaved puppies at various locations around town.

“It was fun. People recognize dogs by name now, which is interesting, they pretty much all have their own fan club,” Watson said.

Now you might be wondering, what is the big secret to getting this group to pose to capture these fantastic images?

Watson said it was pretty simple: It’s all about tired dogs.

“I try to get them to the park, let them play, get all that energy working, and then it’s a lot easier to put them down,” Watson said.

Watson told WBZ-TV that he loves doing something that brings people joy and doesn’t think he’s alone.

“I think the dogs do too. They wake up when passers-by arrive and want to meet them and ask about them, so I think they feel the joy too,” Watson said.


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