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A passing thought came close to a dream result on Friday when King Len Me Dad won the final round of the Zoom Top Maiden (440m) at Goulburn.

It’s only fitting that this $25,000 winner’s maiden honors a greyhound racing icon who won her first race – shortly after her first birthday in late 1967 – at Goulburn.

In 2017 Rooster Bush captured the inaugural Zoom Top, Tell Nobody hailed 12 months later while Neil Staines’ Lighting Vision followed in 2019 before Covid-19 curtailed travel opportunities for trainers.

As always, the depth of quality in this series is immense and Tuesday’s draw is key to the outcome.

Seven of the eight qualifiers made their debuts in their respective heats, with high speed being the calling card of Len Me Dad, Fast Reason and Rockstar Apollo.

While earning this feature isn’t easy, Len Me Dad could definitely be the dog to watch.

He is a three-quarter brother to the Group 1 winner and holder of several Wow records.

“Lenny (Len Me Dad) ran in very well, but it was during heavy rain earlier in the year and missed his last two tries,” said Ruth Matic.

“His times were great, but we never really got a look back at what a traditional four-week course would bring.

“It was February-March and knowing that this race was in July, Danielle and I joked that it was something to aim for…and here we are.

“We never really talked about it at the time, but it fit his upbringing and Goulburn is our closest track to home.

“His first try at Nowra (over 365m) was 20.52 which was faster than what the Free For All dogs had run there for many weeks. Nowra is a great run for training young dogs and the staff go out of their way to help.

“We came back to Goulburn and did two 350s and then three 440ms, the last being 24.71s.”

Although this is just the start of a career for Len Me Dad and his highly talented rivals, the other end of the spectrum for the Matics is how Wow has been received by breeders.

“We’ve sold a lot more straws than he has floor litters, about 20, and then the phone is still ringing with inquiries.

“He only retired in April and it’s a bit long until he gets the puppies into the break-in phase, but the breeders have really said some great things about the youngsters that they have.”

In Friday’s Southern Stars final, Aston Barak secured a flawless run from box eight to score in a sizzling time (24.38) and the same box might just suit Len Me Dad.

Wowsers: Wow siblings – Enzo and Esmay – at 10 weeks


Punters seemingly missed the mark at Capalaba on Sunday when Darren Sultana’s star straight tracker Mr America dominated in their annual Straight Of Origin final.

The NSW hounds had no joy in the roughly eight makers of the previous series, but it’s quite remarkable that a top straight track performer (which Mr America is) would start at $4.40 – and this always respects the true quality of those who are ahead of the bets.

Black Comanche started the election at $2.60 and posted a near high of 19.36 there, but the price gap between him and Mr. America was stark.

Next up for Mr America is a return to Richmond to qualify for the National Straight Track Championship – a $25,000 prize for the winning streak – when the Murray Bridge, Healesville and Capalaba qualifiers come together.

He’s won 13 of 15 starts at Richmond and, from an inside aisle, is nearly unmatched.


Yep, the National Straight Track series kicks off next Sunday and a real concern for the concept is the cancellation of the July 31 Healesville meeting.

Firmness inconsistency is a real problem on Victorian tracks at the moment, but summer is seen as a more difficult time of year to balance water content.

If Healesville isn’t up to snuff next week, the straight-track Nationals will be in jeopardy.

The danger in winter is to harrow a track and then ‘pray’ the rain will stay out until the surface has settled.

Greyhound Racing Victoria has stepped in a number of times (at many venues), but it seems work practices return once “Big Brother” is gone.

Winter offers no opportunity for the slopes to dry out in a timely manner and Victorian weather is subject to change, but that can’t cover problems in the Garden State.

Everyone’s out when meetings get canceled, and with skyrocketing costs, trainers deserve better.

Greyhound Racing NSW recently consulted with trainers about the shortcomings at the Richmond track and it is understood GRV will do the same at all venues.

This is one of the most important issues to address and if staff are not ready to follow the procedure and adapt to work practices, it may be time to seek employment in another area. .

The preparation of the track is a question of well-being. Those at Healesville thanked the stewards for scrapping the meeting and losing a day of racing is a better result than rolling the dice on a substandard surface.


While Healesville was unable to race due to track consistency issues, it was winter cold and fog that led to the abandonment of Saturday’s Traralgon meeting.

Ice on the running rail (which prevented the SafeChase decoy from working) which was previously a fault with the Bramisch system which at one time was on 18 tracks across the country but was now only operational at Lithgow.

The ice (on the rail) inhibits the pull of the lure which is remote controlled from a battery system.

Winter equals freezing in Gippsland (and Richmond) and how/why winter race meetings are scheduled to start around 9am (8:22am was the first race in Richmond on July 30) soothes one entity and it is the TAB (for international bets) to be completed before the gallops start.


The influence of American stallions continues to grow and Mr America is a good example.

He’s by late US stallion SE Tali Sundance and he’s done pretty well here with limited opportunities.

Superior Panama has been the headline stealer lately and Zipping Kansas’ record performance (over 622m) in Richmond on Friday showcased the tawny hound’s true talent.

While Superior Panama sits at $5500 and is the flavor of the month, its litter sibling Superior Product ($2200) has had less fanfare but its results have been pretty solid on these ratings.

He was considered a better race dog than Superior Panama, winning 50 of 82 lifetime starts, but breeders sided with Panama early on with the likes of Super C Aston (47 wins) and Super C Azelle ( 64 wins) members of his second litter to race.

female dogs from Barcia Bale, for example, have been particularly successful with crossbred bulls, Aston Rupee being a prime example.


For a while, incorrect section records filled the GRV website, but this week a number of changes have been made.

Oddly enough, Always Yours was credited with a first split record of 6.26 at Warragul that defied all logic.

Most top sprinters would lead a Warragal Cup final in 6.40, but Always Yours, who retired with a 30-start win, was supposed to have led in 6.26 on Dec. 11, 2012. It’s now established that his time was 6.90!

For perspective, the 6.26 was 2 1/2 lengths faster than Robbie Rotten at the top of this year’s Warragal Cup, but no one seemed to consider that metric – and that of seven other distances on six tracks – was askew. .

Thanks to GRV for fixing the problem, how did the Warragul (and others) gaffe go unnoticed for so long?

First split record discrepancies


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