Sir Duke: Remembering the Rescued Rescuer


By BETTY COHN, Gonzales Inquirer

Sir Duke was more than a rescue animal, more than a family pet or friend. Sir Duke was a fine example of a humanitarian who wore fur and was actually not a human at all.

On June 27, 2014, Sir Duke, a beautiful collie breed, was rescued by Passion for PAWS Memorial Animal Shelter in Nixon. The very next day, he was adopted by William and Arlene Wimp of San Antonio, welcomed into a loving family, and began to embark on a new life path.

Sir Duke was trained as a Comfort Therapy Service Dog and subsequently spent countless hours in numerous aged care homes, airports, daycare centers and local schools as a Comfort Therapy Service Dog. PAWS’ Patsy Virgil Scherrer said, “Sir Duke was rescued from shelter in Nixon and went on to help several citizens”, explaining how one life of fur saved equaled hundreds of human lives improved or even saved, a basic emotional level.

Sadly, Sir Duke died on Thursday March 16, 2022 at his home after battling pneumonia.

“We wanted to sincerely thank you for all you have done to set in motion Sir Duke’s blessing being part of our lives,” the Wimps wrote to Patsy Scherrer via Facebook. “Your efforts to save him from the pound and allow us to adopt him set in motion God’s plan for Sir Duke to get a second chance and a life as a comfort therapy dog ​​with Paws for Service and as a as San Antonio Airport Ambassador in the Pups and Planes program.

“He would make more than 160 official visits and touch the lives of thousands of people. His race is now over. But our ‘Good Boy’ will always be a blessing to us, as you have been. Thank you!”

Scherrer, the chairman of PAWS for Service, will present a posthumous lifetime achievement award to Sir Duke on April 1, 2022, at the annual banquet in San Antonio. Please call PAWS for more information regarding this banquet and award.

Both Michael and Patsy Virgil Scherrer would like to express their gratitude to the Wimp family and the community for making Sir Duke’s life fulfilling and happy, enabling this incredible rescued collie to improve hundreds of lives around him for many years. many years.

Patsy also wants to remind everyone that this animal could have ended up being euthanized before sharing her love and grace with the world.

With many other animals in the shelter, it is possible to save and be rescued by many other Sir Dukes.


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