“Share the shore.” A bird habitat survey will take place on Hempstead town beaches


The Town of Hempstead is partnering with the Audubon Society for a bird habitat survey spanning over 3 miles.

There will be signs on the beaches saying “Share the Shoreline” and people from Audubon New York will be there to let people know how best to protect the birds on the beach.

“The goal here in New York is to protect them during their nesting/breeding season, but the project runs along the fledgling to protect them throughout their life cycle,” says Shelby Casas, associate of the coastal program for Audubon New York.

She says they monitor five different species at Lido Beach and Point Lookout.

Casas says the species they study are the piping plover, lesser tern, common tern, black skimmer and American oystercatcher.

Tara Schneider-Morna, conservation biologist for the town of Hempstead, says she hopes people can enjoy their time at the beach while still providing birds with a safe space.

“Severing this area for birds is really protecting an entire ecosystem that otherwise wouldn’t be protected,” says Schneider-Moran.

The Audubon Society says beachgoers should obey dog ​​rules and be sure to throw out all trash.


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