Secret Service agents rant about former top dog Major


It appears the White House went to great lengths to downplay Major’s behavior during his few months at the residency. According to New York PostMajor had bitten different Secret Service agents for “eight consecutive days”, which was information released in August 2021 after emails about the incidents were released by Judicial Watch.

However, there were even more biting incidents covered up by the White House than judicial oversight had originally uncovered. According to The Independent, there was an incident that ended with the tearing of a Secret Service agent’s jacket. The agent had asked his employer to reimburse him for the replacement of the jacket. This claim was eventually dropped as it would have been paid with taxpayers’ money.

Beyond the jacket incident, the Freedom of Information Act request also revealed that officers had been bruised or even had their skin pierced by Major’s bites. There are even claims that Major is “chasing after” people, according to The Independent. The agent who made the complaint about his jacket sent an e-mail, the Daily mail reports, sharing that he felt “Secret Service leadership seemed more concerned with press relations than taking care of its agents.”

The officer brings up a good point: For those tasked with keeping the president and his family safe, you think their safety would also be a priority, even if that means being protected from the president’s own dog.


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