Search for missing blind dog goes viral


TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Allison Holloway began to panic last Saturday when she realized that her blind dog named Blink was missing.

He ran away from her home in West Liberty, Ohio, after she left for a dog agility trial in Springfield.

Holloway and her husband searched all Saturday night and all day Sunday for Blink, who is five.

“My thought was, ‘Oh my God, he’s blind. He must be terrified, lying in the woods, scared to move,” Holloway said.

She runs an animal shelter called Pawsavers and works extensively with herding breeds with special needs. She has worked with many deaf and blind dogs before, but when she met Blink she knew he was special.

He was discovered with his sister, who is also blind, on the porch of an abandoned house when they were puppies.

“Within 48 hours of him arriving I knew he was going to be mine and I wasn’t going to adopt him to anyone,” Holloway said. “He was the most amazing little pup. He was so smart and so happy.

She spends much of her time training dogs on agility classes and teaching people just how capable dogs with special needs are.

Blink is no exception.

“He’s a pretty amazing boy,” Holloway said.

Blink is a natural on agility courses. With his above average hearing, he can follow Holloway around a course with ease and enjoys jumping in the water to find a stick to bring ashore.

When Holloway realized he was in nature’s obstacle course unsupervised, she feared the worst.

“I was worried he would be hit by a car before we could find him,” she said.

She took to Facebook on Sunday evening after a fruitless day of searching. Her posts quickly spread, including her live videos in the middle of the woods asking people to help her search with her. Support has come from as far away as Australia. People traveled 50 miles to central Ohio to help him search for Blink.

On Tuesday, sightings of Blink were reported, but he was still missing.

“I was getting more and more frantic and depressed,” Holloway said.

The search entered its fifth day on Wednesday. Severe storms hit central Ohio that evening with tornado warnings in the area where Holloway and her friend were looking for Blink.

They continued.

Suddenly, a dog silhouette appeared on the horizon. This dog’s head appeared in the middle of a field. Holloway started walking towards the figure.

“When I got closer I saw the white chest and spoke to it,” Holloway said. “He did his little head nod, and in that moment, that’s when I knew it was him. That’s when I knew everything would be fine.

He rushed straight at her. Blink slipped under a fence in the field and ran straight for her.

“He knew exactly what he was doing,” she said.

Blink wondered about six miles from home. He traveled in the same direction as Allison when she left on Saturday.

To cap off an unlikely trip, shortly after the two reunited, Holloway looked up and saw a double rainbow painted in the sky.

“When I finally touched him, I grabbed his collar and it was so amazing to have him in my arms,” ​​Holloway said. “I’ll never forget that moment when I saw his little head pop up and realized it was him.”

When a woman’s blind dog went missing last week, she saw an outpouring of support from around the world. Josh Croup shares Blink’s story.

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