Pet pit bull manhandles 82-year-old man in Lucknow: What vets say about breeding and training big dogs


Although dogs are considered the best company for humans, there are times when they become aggressive and cause physical harm to those around them, sometimes even their immediate family members and human relatives.

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It happened in Lucknow earlier this week when an 82-year-old woman was allegedly mauled by her pet dog, a pit bull. According to a PTI report, Sushila Tripathi, a retired teacher, was on the roof of her home in the city’s Qaiserbagh neighborhood on Tuesday morning when the pit bull attacked her. She was later found lying in a pool of blood by the domestic helper.

Upon arriving at the hospital, the octogenarian was pronounced dead, and according to the PTI report, police said they were coordinating with Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) officials regarding the incident.

LMC veterinarian Dr Abhinav Verma reportedly said: ‘Our team went to the house to check if the family had a license to keep a pit bull dog as a pet. But, because the house was closed, it was not possible to verify it.

To the uninitiated, pit bulls are medium-sized, short-haired dogs that can seem intimidating given their strong build. The American Dog Breeders Association describes them as “medium sized” with “a short coat and a smooth, well-defined muscular structure”, “round or almond-shaped” eyes and “small to medium length” ears. .

Are pit bulls fierce/aggressive dogs?

Sharath Kenny, owner of Nitro K9 Academy – one of the leading dog training schools in Chennai – previously said that it is always important to choose the right breed of dogand that it depends on many factors such as “the size of your house, the lifestyle you lead, etc.”

Pit bulls are medium-sized, short-haired dogs that can look intimidating given their strong build. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

According to Dr. Vineeta Poojary, head of veterinary services for the Humane Society International, pit bulls are no more likely to bite or attack than any other breed of dog. “People view certain breeds as more aggressive; when raised, they are not considered loving and caring animals. Pit bulls are both friendly and fierce, just like Labradors. It depends on how you raise them. There are no particular triggers as such [which could lead them to attack]. However, I would not advise people to have a large dog in India, as there are a lot of health issues that come with it. but behavioral issues are entirely dependent on training,” she told this outlet.

Agreeing with her, Dr Vinod Sharma of DCC Animal Hospital said it’s not always about race. “Having said that, I think some breeds should be banned in India which are not suitable for people here, especially those with high energy and strength. At the same time, good training [of the pet] is necessary. Some breeds require more exercise, attention and care. It is not appropriate to randomly choose dogs from anywhere, when there is no proper record of their nature and breed.

He added that it all depends on how the puppies are cared for with and without their mothers, and what kind of treatment they receive in their human homes. “A lot of people chain them up and don’t feed them properly which can make them fierce. Many domestic animals are also beaten. Dogs [like pitbull] should always be supervised and not left home alone,” he said.

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