Pet Month 2022: Toys and Accessories Your Pet Will Love


Our furry friends see the best in us. Whether you parent multiple pets, they deserve everything the world has to offer. Our pets are our best friends and we are (hopefully) theirs!

Our fur babies have a whole month to celebrate. Discover our favorite toys and accessories to give your four-legged friend:

Squeaky Plush Toy with Beer Case | Soft


For $19.98, treat your dog like they’re part of the human pack. The Beer Case squeaky plush toy is the perfect gift to share with your dog. Invite other dogs in the picture and they can all have a beer!

the Latex toy for ice cream sandwich and ice cream cone is meant to be loved by your dog. Nothing is funnier than having your pet copy what we eat. For $6.47, treat your furry friend to their very own ice cream dessert.

If your dog likes to play fetch, consider Orbee-Tuff Sport Baseball for $12.99. The recyclable, non-toxic and durable toy is a great gift option for your loving dog. Plus, it’s great for chewers.

Frisco Interactive Electric Floating Fish |  Soft

Frisco Interactive Electric Floating Fish | Soft

the Frisco Interactive Electric Floating Fish Comes with a pouch of catnip to entice your cat. For $10.98, the toy is battery-powered and has an interactive fish flop that responds to the touch of a paw. Hide the catnip in the belly of the toy and start playing.

Play with your cat this month with the Hexbug Mouse Robotic Cat Toy for $9.26. This robotic toy mouse mimics real-life movements like starting, stopping, and pausing. Let your cat chase that mouse.

One of the funniest cat toys is the Doggles Shushi Shrimp Cat Toy for $4.19. This shrimp toy is perfect for playful cats and you can also add catnip inside!

Shark Dog Life Vest |  Soft

Shark Dog Life Vest | Soft


Just because we have fun in the water doesn’t mean your dog can’t. Let them join the Shark Dog Life Vest for $23.99. Sizes range from x-small to x-large to fit all dog sizes.

Turn heads on your furry friend with the Bandana for dog and cat Daisy for $6.99. It’s perfect for spring and is made to turn your pet into a charming lady.

Make sure your pup is ready for an outdoor adventure with the OneTigris Eureka K9 Dog Backpack for $23.98. This bag is dirt, water and abrasion resistant and can hold a good amount of treats, food, toys and essential canine medicine.

Sturdy Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tower |  Soft

Sturdy Floor-to-Ceiling Cat Tower | Soft

Three levels of stretching, climbing and relaxing can be yours for $83.42. the Sturdy floor-to-ceiling cat tower encourages scratches so you don’t have to worry about claw marks on furniture.

This cozy little space is insulated with foam walls to provide warmth and privacy. For $19.99, the FurHeaven Calming Fleece Covered Dog and Cat Bed is ideal for anxious pets that need an enclosed space. It’s also easy to carry, washable, and folds easily for storage.

This mushroom-inspired scratching post doubles as a cute home decoration. the 14.2 inch mushroom cat tree costs $39.99 and is made of felt, rope and grass to give your cat the perfect scratching post.


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