Off-duty Anoka County Sheriff’s dog bites 13-year-old Isanti boy outside his home – Twin Cities


An off-duty Anoka County Sheriff’s Office dog bit a 13-year-old Isanti boy outside his home over the weekend, seriously injuring his hand.

The boy was playing basketball in his driveway, when the off-leash Belgian Malinois named Bubba ran up and bit his hand unprovoked, the child’s family told KMSP-TV. Bubba’s mistress, Anoka County Sheriff’s Deputy Anne Jeske, eventually asked the dog to release the boy.

“The dog wouldn’t let go,” the boy’s father told KMSP. “She had the dog on horseback and she was trying to get him released.”

Bubba and Jeske live in the same neighborhood as the boy who was attacked.

Bubba had graduated from the agency’s 14-week K-9 training program just a week earlier, according to a Facebook post on the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office page.

The Isanti Police Department, which is investigating the attack, says KSTP-TV that Bubba’s “actions constituted a declaration of a potentially dangerous dog” under a Minnesota law that covers unprovoked bites on humans.

The Anoka County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release Wednesday that it is reviewing its “K-9 program policies, training and practices to ensure it is performing at its best and meeting our commitments. to the community”.

“We certainly understand the concerns of community members and will continue to thoroughly analyze the series of events that have occurred in order to make corrections and improvements,” the sheriff’s office said.

“I think Bubba needs more training,” the child’s father told KMSP. “Or Bubba has to find a new job.”


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