MMM – The Stubborn Doggo Deans are sent back to the depths as a decrepit playwright dictates Densetsu no Dissertation (Nanmei Yumihari Hakkenden Gacha) | Fate Grand Order Wiki


Nansō Satomi Hakkenden, or in other words, the title of the novel around which this whole event is based, makes Bakins Noble Phantasm.

With this thing being an Arts AOE NP, we’ll be looking at all the refund and farming perks that come later, but effects first.

First off, this NP provides a 30% anti-demonic trait buff to Bakin for one turn, providing this moderate damage boost to both the NP itself and any of its attacks that follow. The demonic trait is well known to be one of the most common effective damage traits, especially for common monsters, in the game, hitting just about anything that is a demon, magically created or phantasmal beast, including most mini boss type enemies there and 19 minions.

Following this, this NP spreads its damage, with an effective overload-scaling damage modifier against evil trait enemies. This trait is oddly probably less useful to hit, covering around ¼ of the Servants in the game, as well as a small minority of enemy-only units. Definitely useful when stars align to increase damage, but not as frequently encountered as the previous trait.

Finally, after dealing the damage, this NP provides a hilarious 8-star bomb each time it is used. No guesses are allowed for the eight “stars” of this event they refer to. Don’t forget to pet your doggos.

And now the small details. With only Bakin’s own buffs, his NP comes in at a 22.14% refund, not bad at all. When you throw it into the depths of reality with a dual Castoria setup, that payback increases up to 59%, more than enough to form 3-turn loops.

But of course, that’s only one side of the equation. In terms of damage, Bakin is having a bit more trouble, though that’s partly down to his attack stat. With his own buffs active, his NP fires a neutral 20.9 ka pop damage output, not abysmal but far from great either. When she hits her anti-demon buff, she gets a massive boost to 26,000, but that still doesn’t break any records.

However, what matters most is how it performs in practical farming setups. With a CE gauge of 50%, a double Castoria and 1k Insane Atk, she deals 64k neutral damage. Enough to exploit its class advantage, but certainly not to reach the threshold of universal agriculture.

That said, however, I’m forced to design Black Grail setups on her – With LB Black Grail, double Castoria with Da Vinci Ruler on battlesuit swap (the most economical option that makes Black Grail farming consistent for her), she deals 118k damage in wave 1, rising up to 151k on wave 3. And such a setup should be consistent if she gets good sums of overkill on the first 2 waves.

Ultimately, she makes for a reliable class-advantage farmer with the potential for Black Grail setups, even if she’s not the most spectacular.


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