‘I’m sorry,’ says woman in Virginia who was pardoned by Governor Northam after being charged with murder :: WRAL.com


A Virginia was sentenced to 20 years in prison for second degree murder. A little over seven years later, Blair Dacey is released after being pardoned on condition by Governor Ralph Northam.

Dacey was serving time for his role in the death of a Colonial Heights man named Rusty Mack. She kicked Mack in the head during a fight involving multiple people.

“I just want them to know that I never intended to hurt her that night,” she said in an interview with CNN affiliate WTVR. “I didn’t want all of this to happen and I’m so sorry that it happened and I want to do my best to be the best positive example in the future and I’m just sorry.”

The forgiveness Northam granted Dacey was a condition, which meant she had to take anger management and other bridging courses to get back into society.

“It’s a little overwhelming, but I’m happy to be back to normal,” Dacey said.

Dacey, ran a dog training program while behind bars and tutored other inmates while taking her own classes.

She was also able to earn an associates degree from the community college.

“This is a classic example of someone who deserves a pardon. Finished first in their class while earning an associate’s degree, graduated with a 4-year degree. Seized every opportunity in prison, is a exemplary inmate, ”said Virginia Senator Joe Morrissey. “What did she do in her seven years of incarceration?” … She has always helped others.

Dacey plans to work at the Morrissey law firm while attending law school to help other struggling young adults change course.

“I feel like the system is tough on minors and people need a chance,” Dacey said. “The worst thing you can do in prison is not to give someone a chance because they have no reason to want to do better.”


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