Comfort dog Samy visits schools in Wakefield after Texas shooting


WAKEFIELD, MA — Elementary schools across the country are on high alert following Tuesday’s fatal shooting at a Texas school, and the city of Wakefield is no different, the police chief and two superintendents in a joint statement.

In addition to an increased police presence at public schools in Wakefield and Northeast Metro Tech, the police department’s comfort dog, Samy, visits each elementary school in Wakefield on Wednesday with his handler, School Resource Officer Kelley Tobyne.

Samy, an English Labrador, has been undergoing specialist training for her work with Officer Tobyne since May 2021, when she was just a few months old, according to a Facebook post. Since vaccination clinics for school visitsSamy works hard to bring smiles and comfort to the children of Wakefield.

Wakefield Police hope Samy’s training will help ease some of the anxiety and fear that students, educators and families are facing in the wake of Tuesday’s tragedy.

“We walk into our schools with heavy hearts today, and it will be hard not to think of the needless loss and horror in Texas,” said David DiBarri, Technical Superintendent of Metro Northeast. “We are committed to working as a school community to comfort students and staff, and to provide a safe and healthy environment to focus on learning and growth.”

Authorities are encouraging anyone who sees anything they think is suspicious in the Wakefield community to contact the police department at 781-245-1212.


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