City of Warner Robins launches pet-friendly initiative


If you are shopping and see the sticker on a store window, it means that the company is not afraid of visiting animals on leashes.

WARNER ROBINS, GA — Warner Robins is officially a pet-friendly town, which means you can show off your four-legged friends in town more often.

Business owners now have the option of going to City Hall and picking up a pet-friendly sticker for free. Then they can take it to their storefront and stick it on the storefront to show their customers that they are pet-friendly.

Sam Satterfield loves dogs. He owns Jewelers Satterfield and Dempsey and he picked up his ‘Pet Friendly Sticker’ on Tuesday.

“Who couldn’t love a pet? Who couldn’t love a dog? We just want everyone to feel welcome at Satterfield & Dempsey Jewelers at all times,” Satterfield said.

Mayor LaRhonda Patrick implemented the pet initiative on Monday. This means that if you’re shopping and see the sticker on a store window, the company doesn’t mind having pets on leashes.

“It just creates a friendly environment and also draws people into the city,” Barbara Wolfe said.

She thinks it will bring people together, and Joe Robillard also supports the idea.

“I used to not like Tractor Supply, but I found I could come in with my dog ​​and that’s a big draw for me now that I’m a new pet owner,” he said. .

“There are special needs dogs for people who have seizures and many businesses don’t allow them in and I think it’s important that those animals come in, to be with those kids,” Wolfe said. .

Wolfe also described a trip to a state with color-coded leashes. A dog seen wearing a green leash meant it was safe to pet, and a dog wearing a red leash meant staying away.

“I think everyone is excited about it. I think it’s just a good, fun, great idea [for] the city to have pet-friendly stores all over the community,” Satterfield said.

The Robins Regional Chamber says they will be posting a list of all pet-friendly stores soon and in the next few weeks the city will be making a map of all “pet-friendly” businesses.

City Clerk Mandy Stella said restaurants will still need to follow Georgia’s indoor pet laws and other health regulations.

You can obtain your company’s “pet friendly” sticker at any time from the tax office at the town hall.

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