‘Breeder’ fined after 23 dogs were found without water or litter in cramped crates


Junade Ali, 27, of Gillingham, was convicted of three animal welfare offenses including causing unnecessary suffering

Inspectors found 23 dogs being held in shocking conditions

A shocking image shows the conditions in which more than 20 dogs were kept, resulting in a man being banned from keeping animals for five years.

Junade Ali, 27, from Gillingham, was found guilty of three animal welfare offenses including causing unnecessary suffering.

Some of the 23 dogs in Ali’s possession had no access to water, while others were left without litter and kept in cramped conditions, such as crates too small for them.

An inquiry was launched by Medway Council in October 2019 after a man inquired about a license to breed dogs, Kent Live reports.

Officers conducting a pre-enforcement inspection found three Belgian Malinois, two Neapolitan Mastiffs and 18 puppies in the appalling conditions.

The case was heard at Medway Magistrates Court in Kent


Adam Gerard/Daily Mirror)

Officers were also told that two other dogs were being kept in the apartment above the property. Immediately three welfare concerns were raised against Ali and the RSPCA were contacted.

In January 2020, a joint investigation with the RSPCA resulted in officers seizing 19 dogs, 15 puppies and four adults from the property.

Since the last visit the conditions the dogs were living in had worsened further, some dogs had urine burns on their feet and one dog had an untreated and painful eye condition that required surgery.

Ali was banned from owning, keeping or dealing with animals for five years at Medway Magistrates’ Court on Thursday March 24.

Along with this, he was also given a 12 month community order and ordered to pay £600 in court costs.

Cllr Jane Chitty, Medway Council Enforcement Portfolio Holder, said: “We take animal welfare very seriously and work with partners, such as the RSPCA, to ensure that farmers of bass- court be brought to justice. In this case, the defendant clearly had no regard for the dogs in his care and viewed them as a means of making money.

“As advised in this case, we will inspect the premises to ensure the animals are properly cared for. If you are considering purchasing a pet, we encourage you to consider rehoming them at a rescue center or at your own ensure that you are buying an animal from a reputable and licensed breeder.”

An RSPCA spokesperson added: ‘We know there is a peak of people looking for puppies and buying dogs at the start of the school holidays, but we urge families to consider carefully whether buying a dog suits them. Dogs are a huge commitment and need lots of time and attention, even after summer is over and the kids are back in school.

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