Animal shelter collects supplies: Supplies can be donated for Angel Dog House in Atwoods | News


Claremore Animal Shelter is teaming up with Atwoods to make the holidays special for its furry residents.

Angel Trees are commonplace in December and often help those in need have gifts for Christmas. The Claremore Animal Shelter decided to adopt the idea for their animals. The Angel Dog House at the front of Atwoods functions the same as other Angel Trees. Buyers can choose items listed on tags hanging from the festive dog crate to purchase and donate to the animal shelter.

Animal control supervisor Jean Hurst said the shelter and Atwoods had been doing the Angel Dog House for about five years. Hurst said she had the idea of ​​other shelters but wanted to partner with a Claremore business.

“People always want to know what supplies we need for our shelter, what the animals need,” said Hurst. “So I kind of tweaked it for a win-win. People buy products from a local business and these are products that we use at the shelter, whether it is cleaning products, pet products, medical products, anything that could help us and our budget.

Hurst said the shelter often needed more behind-the-scenes supplies like dish soap and towels to help with meal times for the animals, but added that the shelter would accept all supplies.

“We won’t refuse anything because if we don’t need something for some reason we are working with enough local rescuers and vets to try and find a good place for it,” said Hurst.

Animal control will keep the Angel Dog House in Atwoods until Christmas, but Hurst said the shelter can use supplies year-round. She added that the shelter had been lucky this year and had not exceeded the capacity to accommodate the animals.

“We’ve actually been very, very lucky compared to a lot of shelters in town,” said Hurst. “We didn’t have to euthanize because of the space.”

That’s not to say there aren’t a lot of dogs and cats waiting for a good home, Hurst said.

“We like to think we’re asking all the right questions to make sure the animal will go into his house forever and not be back in two months,” said Hurst.

An adoption event is scheduled for Dec. 18 at PetSense, along with the annual Stuff the Truck donation campaign, Hurst said.


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