A fan theory of “Seinfeld” suggests that the main characters are adult versions of the characters from “Peanuts”


Seinfeld was successful early enough in his tenure. Its focus on the slight annoyances of everyday life certainly made it a unique concept in the ’90s. Still, the characters weren’t exactly unusual. A fan theory suggests that Jerry Seinfeld and his friends were all inspired by the members of the Peanuts gang. When you think about it, the idea makes a lot of sense.

Fan theory suggests that each of the characters in “Seinfeld” is based on a character from “Peanuts”

A Reddit user suggested that the Seinfeld gang are just live, adult versions of many of the characters who once inhabited the Peanuts Comic. It makes a lot of sense when you look at each character and how they interact with each other. The most unique personality traits of cartoon characters seem to match the characteristics of Jerry and his friends almost perfectly.

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While Charlie Brown is often seen as the ringleader of the gang, the user doesn’t think Jerry Seinfeld is the adult version of Charlie Brown. Instead, they theorize that George Costanza is the Charlie of the group. The theory notes that George is pessimistic like Charlie and that he is perpetually unlucky just like Charlie. George is often laughed at by his friends, as is Charlie Brown. The two characters also share a physical characteristic. Charlie Brown and George are both bald.

So which characters would Jerry and Elaine Benes be? According to theory, Jerry looks the most like Linus. Jerry, like Linus, retains habits and interests that he should have long ago overcome. Jerry’s obsession with sneakers, superman, and grain is considered rather immature. Linus’ attachment to his blanket was also seen as inappropriate for his age. The theorist notes that Jerry, like Linus, is a deep thinker.

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Elaine has a lot in common with Lucy, the fan claims. Her shoulder-length dark hair makes her look like Lucy, but the personality similarities are also striking. Lucy spends most of her time making fun of Charlie Brown in the Peanuts Comic. Elaine spends a lot of her time making fun of George. Like Lucy, Elaine often throws random observations and suggestions to her friends, much like Lucy holds psychiatry sessions.

There is a lot of debate about Cosmo Kramer’s character, however.

The original fan theory suggests that Pig-pen is the inspiration for Cosmo Kramer. Pig-Pen is the Peanuts character best known for his messy nature. He’s certainly eccentric like Kramer, but they don’t share many other attributes. Pig-Pen was the least developed Peanuts character, which was not the case for Kramer. According to Fandom, Charles Schulz, the creator of Peanuts, ended up regretting having created the character and often avoided using it in bands.

Kramer is lying on the couch while George, Elaine and Jerry watch an episode of

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Other fans have suggested that Kramer was closer to the Snoopy character due to his mysterious nature and tendency to be all over the place. Snoopy also shares Kramer’s whimsical imagination and his often mistaken belief in his abilities. Snoopy, because he’s a dog, also has absolutely no day-to-day responsibilities, just like Kramer.

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A case can also be put forward for Kramer to be the live version of Peppermint Patty. Peppermint Patty had a unique dress style, just like Kramer. Peppermint Patty was also prone to developing obsessions that never came true, like Kramer. Ultimately, one could argue that Kramer is actually a mashup of several Peanuts characters. It does make sense, however. He was certainly the most unique of Seinfeld characters.

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