’90 Day Fiance’ star injured in dog attack


90 day fiance Star Julia Trubkina was recently attacked by a dog while walking her puppy. The Russian native appeared on Season 8 of the reality show with her American husband, Brandon Gibbs.

After chatting online, they first met in Iceland, where Gibbs proposed to Trubkina. They got married in April 2020 in the United States.

Trubkina recently posted a few (now deleted) videos about her instagram Story in which she explains how she got bitten by a dog via Screening. Her puppy, Willow blu, was attacked while walking her outside. Although she protected her pup from the attack, she injured her hand.

The dog’s owner apologized to Trubkina and asked the reality TV star not to tell authorities about the incident as his dog would be euthanized. Trubkina chose not to report the attack as she believed it was not the dog’s fault but the owner’s fault, saying: “If the owner is not trained, it is not the fault of the owner. dog.”

Towards the end of the video, Trubkina mentioned that her hand was numb from the bite but felt much better. Her nine-month-old pup also appears to be in good health. Fortunately, Trubkina did not suffer serious injuries and the dog that attacked her was fully vaccinated.

During Instagram Video in April, she also declared her desire to become a dog trainer. Trubkina, 28, started working at age 13 and said she has since worked fifteen different jobs. Her previous ventures include stand-up comedy and modeling. In a clip she posted of her band Willow blue, she wrote: “Well, during my life on the farm, I fell in love with dogs and learned the language of dogs.

“This baby Willow blue,” Trubkina said, will be trained for competitions. She also expressed her desire to train dogs from now on. She and Gibbs currently live together in their apartment in Richmond, Virginia, where Gibbs works as a pest control technician.

“When we moved into the apartment, things improved a lot for our relationship,” Gibbs explained on an episode of 90 day logs in June 2022. “But the city hasn’t been my favorite place to live.”

The couple have discussed plans to start a new life in Ocala, Florida, but have yet to tell Gibbs’ parents. During their drive to check out their possible new home in the Alligator State, Trubkina told her husband, “We need to tell your parents that we’re moving to Florida. And your mom [will] probably hates us.”


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