16 dogs in Windsor Battersea ready to be rehomed


READY to give a rescue pup a forever home? There are hundreds of unwanted dogs looking for a new owner in Berkshire.

We’ve found some absolute beauties who are ready to be your best friend.

Here are 16 dogs from the Windsor Battersea Dogs and Cats Home branch that are looking for homes.

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Rupert and Orion

Bracknell News:

Rupert and Orion are looking for a house together because they are very close.

Rupert is quite laid back and has a stable character, and is keen to hang around and sniff out whatever goodies are left. Orion is a bit more worried and reserved and takes Rupert’s trust and advice.

Both dogs love food. Rupert likes to play with tennis balls and Orion will play alone or with Rupert. They already have basic training in place and travel well by car for short trips. They are very sweet and affectionate and love to go for walks.


Bracknell News:

Deuby the Staffordshire Bull Terrier is a gentle dog looking for a loving retirement home where he can relax and gently care for his people.

Deuby doesn’t need a lot of exercise and is content with a short walk in the lead and a few opportunities to sniff and wander around the garden. He has been a little intolerant of other dogs but is quite happy to be left alone.


Bracknell News:

Emma is a very nervous greyhound who will need a lot of patience to settle into a family environment.

She is slowly showing lovely snippets of her personality and will need owners who understand that she will need a long time to come out of her shell.


Bracknell News:

Sally is a confident and dynamic Greyhound who has a real zest for life. She will need owners who have previous experience with Greyhounds and who understand the breed and their traits, as she shows a high drive with smaller dogs and wild animals.


Bracknell News:

Flo is an energetic young Lurcher who enjoys interacting with people and other dogs. Once linked, she loves the stories of her known people and will seek to interact with them, and she is fun and engaging.


Bracknell News:

Ellie is a friendly bulldog who is looking for a calm and quiet home to call her own. She is looking for owners who will give her plenty of time to settle into her new environment and who will respect her limits.


Bracknell News:

Daisy is an energetic and incredibly lively 10 month old puppy.

She has shown through her behaviors that she will need experienced owners who have owned Huskies before and who have a solid understanding of the breed and their needs.


Bracknell News:

This sweet little dog finds life a bit overwhelming. She is looking for owners who have experience with dogs and are willing to continue her training to help her overcome her worries and build her confidence.

He is a Lurcher and once settled and comfortable he is a typical active and lively young dog.


Bracknell News:

Roxy is a very affectionate dog and loves being with people. She loves a tummy tickle and will try to climb on your lap to make a fuss.

She is, however, uncomfortable with certain aspects of handling, such as wearing a harness or visiting the vet, and she is looking for very experienced owners who are confident both to continue her training but also to handle some aspects of her behavior and not expecting too much from Roxy.


Bracknell News:

Benny is an excitable young Foxhound who, typical of his breed, loves the sound of his own voice. He is a very fun dog to be around and very bright, and he seeks experienced owners who are used to similar breeds.


Bracknell News:

Ruby is a very affectionate, affectionate and intelligent blue greyhound. She is spending some time with a foster family where she has settled in well, is clean and drives well.


Bracknell News:

Perry is a lively young dog and is not finished yet. He is looking for a home to continue his education and further develop his life skills.

He can become quite excitable and sometimes forget his manners. That said, the staff here have been very successful in putting in place training methods that we can pass on to new owners.


Bracknell News:

Alan is a dog full of life with lots of love to give. He will need owners who know the Greyhound breed and their behaviors and traits.

Alan spends time with a foster family and is incredibly affectionate. He likes to lay his head on his foster family’s lap to make a fuss, but also settles down on their bed when he has company. His host family describes him as a “superstar”!


Bracknell News:

Koby is a large, sensitive American Bulldog, full of energy and affectionate with people he trusts. He is still young and will need a lot of on-going training by whoever rehouses him.


Bracknell News:

Henry is a lively and active Lurcher – when he meets new people for the first time he can be restless and a bit apprehensive, but when he gets to know you his loving, scatty side shines through – he loves to cuddle up with his relatives.

Typical of his breed, he likes a good hunt, so for the foreseeable future he will need to be muzzled and leashed on his walks.

If you would like to adopt one of these dogs, visit https://www.battersea.org.uk/rehoming.


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