100 cats and 7 dogs in Memphis fly to safety


Several of the cats included in the rescue flight were relieved from hoarding situations or were abandoned.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Wings of Rescue, a Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization, has partnered with Pet Compassion Centers and West Memphis Animal Shelter to rescue more than 100 at-risk cats and seven dogs, flying them from Memphis at Washington State on Tuesday. , April 5 at 9:00 a.m.

The rescue flight was organized to reduce overcrowding at animal shelters and to address recent obstacles Tennessee animal shelters have faced when trying to complete animal adoptions.

“Saving the lives of cats is a challenge when only local options are considered,” said Cindy Dewey, founder of Pet Compassion Centers, a foster pet rescue operation in Memphis. “Our best hope of finding homes for these wonderful pets is to relocate them to an area where demand is high and local shelter is available.”

According to Wings of Rescue, several of the cats included in the rescue flight were relieved of hoarding situations. The shelter also said the cats and dogs included in the rescue have been identified as abandoned.

When the cats and dogs arrive in Washington State, they will be turned over to four regional rescue organizations that will help treat and care for the animals.

These rescue organizations include Seattle Humane, NOAH Center, Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), and Kitsap Humane Society.

Rescue organizations will also work to help at-risk animals complete the adoption process and find forever homes in areas where pets are in high demand.

“There is currently a large regional imbalance between demand for adoptable pets and availability,” said Ric Browde, president of Wings of Rescue. “Many animal shelters, such as those in parts of the southern United States, have more adoptable cats and dogs than capacity and demand, while other areas, such as the Pacific Northwest, are experiencing a shortage of pets.”

Wings of Rescue said all cats and dogs on the rescue flight are medically cleared and fully vaccinated.

Wings of Rescue has rescued over 61,000 people to date since the organization launched in 2012. In addition to rescuing at-risk animals, the organization supports local shelters and animal rescue groups across America. of the North by delivering pet food and relief supplies to disaster areas.

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