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Anime has thousands of characters with unique personalities and perspectives. Many of them (especially the protagonists and antagonists) are meticulously crafted to elicit a certain emotion in the audience, like admiration or loathing, respectively.

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However, some characters are not that simple. They have such complex personalities and worldviews that even the most avid fans can’t seem to determine if they’re likable or not. By identifying the male characters who initiate such an intriguing debate, it becomes easier to analyze their best and worst qualities, as well as why they are so polarizing.

ten Shigaraki’s villainy is understated by his many calls (My Hero Academia)

Tomura Shigaraki from My Hero Academia sitting on thrones with a red cape draped over his shoulders and a hand covering his face

Superficially, it’s hard to find redeeming qualities in Tomura Shigaraki. He is impulsive, petty and unrepentant yearning for the complete destruction of order.

However, Shigaraki also displayed positive traits, such as devotion to fellow students. Plus, her story was incredibly likeable as it exposed the many imperfections in society. Over time, he transformed from an arrogant thug into a capable leader of the Paranormal Liberation Front. Many fans still wonder if he was a victim of circumstances or a really bad person from the start.

9 Mako was Brusque’s companion and Korra’s ex-boyfriend (Legend Of Korra)

Mako behind bars in Avatar: The Legend of Korra

Korra fell in love with Mako soon after meeting him. More than her great combat skill, she loved his mischievous demeanor and taped-off presentation. Despite her intentions to date Bolin, she kissed him and started a shaky relationship.

Although they were compatible for a while, Mako and Korra had a heated argument that culminated when she knocked over a desk at the police station. Many fans are still arguing over which of them was at fault and whether the relationship could have lasted with better communication.

8 The heroism of Meliodas is eclipsed by his vices (seven deadly sins)

As the hero of Britannia and captain of the Seven Deadly Sins, there are many reasons to love Meliodas. He abandoned the Demon Clan for the sake of humanity, which exemplified even greater integrity than many of his Shonen peers.

However, Meliodas often lashes out in his vices. He has no shame in inappropriately touching Elizabeth while she is sleeping and even in the presence of other people. The Captain justifies his actions with the curse of love inflicted on him by his father and the Supreme Deity, although many fans do not find his excuse convincing.

seven DIO was a charismatic vampire who knew how to inspire others (JoJo’s bizarre adventure)

dio brando

Although little Jojo fans would view DIO as morally gray, he always deserved a mixed response. As the series’ flagship villain, many have argued that he is the perfect foil to the Joestar line and succinctly embodies everything they oppose in a stylish and charming way.

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However, many of DIO’s actions have been so blatantly sadistic that some find it too badly cartoonish to be taken seriously. For example, he cremated Jonathan’s dog days after joining his family.

6 Floch embodies the divisive ideals of the Yeagerists (Attack on Titan)

Floch has been the subject of debate over thousands of The attack of the Titans Discussion forums. As the most active member of the Yeagerists (aside from Eren himself), he gives perfect insight into what a world ruled by the Eldians looks like.

Many viewers dislike Floch because of the grim parallels drawn between him and the real world. However, others refute critics that if the Yeagerists had won, Paradise would never have been destroyed by the end of the series.

5 Sanji’s chivalry is both a blessing and a curse (One Piece)

Vinsmoke Sanji

Sanji’s chivalry and demeanor are points of contention for many fans. Some claim his code of ethics towards women is charming and hero-worthy, while others claim he puts his crew in undue danger.

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Perhaps the biggest controversy surrounding Sanji’s character is that his chivalry is not genuine. For example, he admitted to wanting the Clear-Clear Fruit on Thriller Bark so he could spy on naked women without retaliation. Naturally, this did not go well with a considerable part of the A piece public.

4 Killer Bee can be funny or boring, depending on the perspective (Naruto)

killer bee holding naruto swords

Killer Bee was the eight-tailed Jinchuriki and one of the most powerful ninjas of the Allied Shinobi forces. Unlike most of the cast on the show, he speaks mostly rhymes and tends not to take his circumstances seriously, however monumental they may be.

Some find Bee’s tendencies to be an effective comic relief tool, while others find it boring. Harsh critics of the show have even lambasted it as a negative and inappropriate stereotype.

3 Hisoka’s philosophy about Gon can be seen from different angles (Hunter X Hunter)

Hisoka is one of the most recurring antagonists of the Hunter x hunter series. Since his introduction, he has expressed interest in cultivating Gon’s potential as a fighter so that he is ultimately strong enough to pose a challenge.

However, the villain’s interest in Gon borders on tearful eyes, much to the dismay and dismay of many fans. Many of its scenes and dialogue put off an otherwise strong character motivation and involve something more sinister than what would be appropriate for the otherwise light-hearted series.

2 Kaiba is an eccentric billionaire who goes too far (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Seto Kaiba confronts Yugi in Yu Gi Oh Duel Monsters

Seto Kaiba was the president of a huge games company and Yugi’s rival. Given that he attacked the young boy’s grandfather and forced his friend to fight a chainsaw madman, one would assume that he is an incorrigible villain.

However, he also aided the heroes against villains like Marik, Bakura, and the Big Five. As a result, the show’s most energetic fans argue fiercely as to whether or not Kaiba’s sins overshadow his positive attributes. Regardless of classification, the tycoon’s efforts to improve himself are inspiring.

1 Light’s definition of justice is constantly questioned (Death Note)

Light with a calm expression

The light is controversial because of the way it has been presented. Instead of being recognized as a serial killer with a divine complex from the start, he was portrayed as a young man trying to make the world a better place.

Although many argue that Light’s initial targets had what was happening to them, he eventually turned his attention to less deserving targets in an attempt at self-preservation. As a result, it became increasingly difficult to determine the nature of justice and whether Light was better than the criminals he chose to convict.

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