10 Best Anime TV Shows Based On Movies, Ranked


After the success that follows a blockbuster movie, filmmakers often consider a TV spinoff. These projects breathe new life into the franchise and entertain fans with small storytelling. A cartoon revival generally appeals to a younger audience, and some anime TV shows become more popular than the movie they are based on.

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Animated spin-offs tend to retain entertaining traits and fun characters – sometimes voiced by original cast members. The show may even take the franchise in a new direction, allowing writers to further expand the fictional world and experiment with additional characters. While not every spinoff is a hit, some animated shows based on the movies wow viewers and create nostalgic memories.

ten An Ace Ventura: Pet Detective TV Series Followed by Movies

After the two Ace Ventura: animal detective movies were released, an animated spin-off of the same name was created. Seth McFarlane was among the writers throughout the show’s two seasons. The original cast did not lend their voices to the show, but the protagonist’s gravity-defying hair and loud Hawaiian shirts remained.

The cartoon is full of recurring jokes and familiar catchphrases. The cops, Aguado and Emilio, are featured in the series as well as Ace’s disturbing owner, Mr. Shickadance. Although the hilarious show isn’t as popular as the movies, the franchise’s wacky humor lives on as Ace bizarrely goes about his business in search of missing animals with his pet monkey, Spike.

9 Jumanji received an anime adaptation in the 1990s

A cartoon version of Jumanji was released a year after the original film. The animated series retained the three main characters and the mysterious board game responsible for their dangerously immersive adventures. Judy and Peter often bicker in the cartoon, but their personalities are more shy in the 1995 film. However, Alan Parrish resembles Robin Williams’ demeanor and is played by Bill Fagerbakke, the man behind Patrick Star.

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The dark fantasy cartoon featured creepy animation that was often out of proportion. But these imperfections have not hindered the success of the series, which has become popular with many viewers who are fans of the film. The animated series Jumanji ran for 3 seasons and carried the franchise into the 21st century.

8 The Ghostbusters released a spin-off at the height of its popularity

The Real Ghostbusters came out after the first film, at the height of its popularity. The all-star cast did not voice their animated counterparts and their appearances differed slightly, but the characters’ personalities remained. The spin-off allowed the show’s writers to experiment with paranormal villains and terrifying monsters, which led to insane plots.

All 7 seasons of the show feature pop culture references – including the ghost hunters film it is based on – engaging young viewers, adults and fans of the franchise. The animated series paved the way for a second ghost hunter movie and influenced another anime series, Extreme ghost hunters.

seven The Mummy TV series takes place after the second film

The Mummy The TV series is set in 1938, five years after The return of the mummy. Alex O’Connell has the Manacle of Osiris magically attached to his wrist, and he travels the world with his parents and uncle in search of the Scrolls of Thebes to break the curse, while fleeing Imhotep and his misdeeds.

The cartoon maintains the theme of soft horror with a hint of mystery and the Egyptian supernatural. The Mummy is action-packed and full of captivating characters and dangerous adventures. Rick O’Connell’s corny jokes remind viewers that the lighthearted animation is aimed at children and that the show focuses on Alex and his naive curiosity. Often seen in Saturday morning cartoon programming, The Mummy the cartoon is nostalgic for many.

6 The Legend of Tarzan is one of Disney’s best spin-offs

Disney has made a handful of series that carry on from their classic movies – like Hercules, Timon & Pumbaaand The little Mermaid. The legend of Tarzan is considered by Disney fanatics as one of the best spin-offs, and takes place after the 1999 film. In the cartoon, Jane and her father can talk with Terk and Tantor, allowing interaction between all the main characters who work together to overcome the harsh realities of the jungle.

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The legend of Tarzan sets the scene with an engaging theme song featuring African drumming, catchy lyrics and Tarzan’s signature jungle call. The show has voice actors than the movie, but they do a terrific job. With action-packed, funny and thrilling narratives, the entertaining cartoon borrows aspects and characters from the original stories written by Edgar Rice Burroughs.

5 The Mask: The Animated Series Features Big Band Music and Slapstick Humor

After Jim Carrey starred in The mask, Stanley Ipkis and his dog Milo returned in an animated television series. When Stanley wears the mask, he becomes wild and unpredictable and possesses insane abilities. Fans of the film also know that Ipkis loves watching cartoons. With that in mind, it only made sense that the animated protagonist and his mystical mask would get their own animated series.

The Mask: Animated Series features other characters seen in the film, such as Mrs. Peenman, Peggy Brandt, and Stanley’s therapist, Dr. Neuman. The show’s creators kept the big band music that encapsulates the character of the franchise. The slapstick humor also appealed to younger viewers.

4 Madagascar penguins pull off dangerous feats

The Penguins of Madagascar came out shortly after Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. The budding spy quartet consists of Kowalski, Rico, and Private who are led by their captain, Skipper. During their adventures, the flightless birds perform dangerous feats with limited intelligence and cheap engineering.

Each of the show’s three seasons featured a generous number of episodes that helped bridge the gap between movie releases and keep the franchise alive. As the Jimmy Neutron franchise, The Penguins OfMadagascar shared the same high-quality computer animation style as its cinematic counterparts. The success of the spin-off helped the Penguins get their own movie years later.

3 Black Dynamite spin-off encourages fans to watch the film

In the years since the 2009 film, the black dynamite an anime series was released with impressive guest stars and side-splitting narratives. Michael Jai White plays the just stop crime of kung fu in both mediums. The show also gives minor roles to John DiMaggio, Snoop Dogg, Erykah Badu, and Samuel L. Jackson.

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After the film’s poor box office performance, creating an animated spin-off was a risk. In the end, it paid off. With a little help from big names, the original cartoon reached a wider audience. The spin-off’s outrageous humor drew in viewers and encouraged many to watch the original film.

2 Star Wars: The Clone Wars filled in some gaps

When the second star wars trilogy was well underway, the feature films gave audiences a brief glimpse into the Three Years’ War. In 2008, Star Wars: The Clone Wars – released just a few months after the animated film – began to fill in the gaps. The spin-off expanded on the major events that took place, from the Battle of Muunilinst to the Siege of Mandalore.

In Star Wars: The Clone Wars, viewers saw more of Count Dooku and General Grievous in action and better understood their antagonistic relationship. The anime series also focused on the missions of Anakin Skywalker and his padawan. These untold stories spanned more than a decade and attracted fans new and old.

1 Men In Black: The Series shows Jay in training

In the animated series that followed the first movie, the Men In Black return to protect the world from the scum of the universe. In Men in Black: The Series, Kay mentors an inexperienced Jay as they monitor aliens living among human civilizations. The spin-off features creatures and locations seen in the film as well as important characters like Zed, Jeebs and the twins, Bweryang and Bob.

Viewers learned more about the work of the protagonists in the cartoon and got a closer look at their daily lives. The animated series represented the spirit of the film and the comics, further extending the sci-fi franchise with gripping storylines and puzzling aliens. The show had a cool intro and the end credits were accompanied by an instrumental version of Will Smith’s song, “Men In Black”.


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