Zoetis buys pet genetics company Basepaws


Zoetis to Acquire Feline Genomics Database from Basepaws to Inform Research and Development

Zoetis announced the acquisition of Basepaws, a pet genetics company known for its comprehensive feline DNA testing and oral microbiome assessment at home. Zoetis, a global animal health company, says the Basepaws Feline Genomics and Oral Microbiome Database will enhance its precision medicine research and development efforts. Financial terms of the agreement have not been disclosed at this time.

Driving the acquisition is Basepaws’ feline genetic database and screening tools, including the Breed + Health cat DNA test. This assessment provides results for more than 65 genetic health markers and 50 genetic trait markers. The company promotes this test as an aid in the early detection of disease risk in animals. Basepaws also has “one of the largest” databases of feline genomic and oral microbiomes in the world, according to a press release from Zoetis.1

“The Basepaws team has done an incredible job demonstrating how genetic testing and data can improve the way we care for the companion animals in our lives,” said Abhay Nayak, Executive Vice President of Strategy, Accelerated Growth Companies and Business Development at Zoetis. “With the addition of Basepaws, Zoetis will continue to strengthen its portfolio of precision animal health products, across genetics, diagnostics and data analytics for companion animals and livestock. We are also excited about how the Basepaws Feline Genomics and Microbiome Database will help improve our research and development capabilities and inform the future of our companion animal care pipeline.

Both companies say the partnership will strengthen their research capability and ability to innovate products and services in the future. As Zoetis acquires Basepaws’ vast genomic databases, they have the deep pockets of a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 company to potentially fund and drive research in this segment.

“Basepaws and Zoetis are both science-driven animal lovers, and our mission is to create better, longer lives for our pets through knowledge and data,” said Basepaws CEO Anna Skaya. , who founded the company in 2017. “We look forward to expanding our business and the impact of our genetic products through the global scale and research and development experience of Zoetis, the world leader in animal health. We believe that together we can bring the benefits of a more proactive healthcare approach to pet owners around the world.”


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