Yakima Woman Wants Your Help Keeping Police Dogs At Work


Ask how Yakima County Sheriff Bob Udell describes the value of the three K-9s in the Yakima County Sheriff’s Department and he will be happy to tell you.

A dog’s sense of smell, agility, speed, strength and determination allow him to do many things that his two-legged companions are unable to do.

Sheriff Udell says his department has two patrol dogs and a drug sniffer dog. He would love to have a K-9 team every shift because he says watchdogs are

A force multiplier.

Police dogs are expensive

As valuable as they are, you might think they are a fully funded part of a law enforcement budget. But if you did, you’d be like a bad guy thinking he could outrun one of the fast four-legged officers!

Dogs are expensive … expensive to buy, train and maintain and that’s where a lovely dog-loving lady Fern Hart comes in. She launched the Yakima Valley K9 Foundation in February of last year and through various projects has been able to exceed her goal of raising $ 50,000 for dog food, medical bills, training tools. and dog replacement agents.

Can you help fund the four-legged law enforcement

It’s 2022 and Fern Hart is back. She says supporting the dogs is a fairly easy sale to her partners once they understand the need, their value, and the lack of funding, and she is very grateful for the local businesses that have stepped up to help. We’ll mention Pingrey Motors in Selah and The Range in Yakima as some of Fern’s favorites. There are more and she hopes to see the list grow this year.

Fern Hart and Earl Yakima’s Sheriff Bob Udell took to the radio to talk about his foundation and how we can all help.

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