Which Disney Animal Are You According To Your Chinese Zodiac Sign?


Since disney has produced content, animals have played an important role in the franchise. Whether the main character has an animal companion or they are the main characters, they are always the center of the screen in a disney room.

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With all characters being assigned an animal companion, the animal usually compliments their partner, if not also provides another layer to the overall story. While some companions add a level of humor, others add a level of loyalty, and with each animal there is a Chinese zodiac sign that aligns perfectly with them.


Rat – Meeko

Meeko stuffs her face with cookies from Disney's Pocahontas

Meeko is the lonely raccoon who enters Pocahontas’ life in the beloved Disney movie Pocahontas. While at first he might be seen as boring and fans freaked out when he almost revealed Pocahantos’ location, he eventually became much loved.

Being a raccoon, he is very quick to make decisions and often uses this ability to help himself and sometimes his friends (Percy and Flit) as well, and it’s a show of having the personality to be born in the year of the Rat. Her enemy-to-friend relationship with Percy, in particular, shows her true charm.

Buffalo – Bullseye

Bullseye Toy Story

by Disney toy story 2 introduces a handful of new characters to the memorable gang, and many of them have iconic quotes that match their personalities, but Bullseye is one of the few to say nothing. Yet he has many qualities of people born in the year of the Ox.

Bullseye always seems to go out of his way to help Woody and the gang on all of their adventures. From the time he and Woody worked side-by-side on the show, to their back-to-Andy adventures, Bullseye is the best at following orders and always being where he’s needed. He is dependable, determined, and his strength is especially evident at the end of the film when he carries Buzz Lightyear, Jessie, and Woody on his back at the same time without showing any tension.

Tiger – Abu

Abu watches Ruby Aladdin

One of the most iconic animal companions is the monkey Abu from Aladdin. Abu makes his presence in the film widely known by always causing some kind of scene when he gets the chance.

Abu is incredibly loyal to Aladdin and his actions are usually more daring, such as stealing the gems from the Cave of Wonders and undermining the palace guards. These are the two qualities of people born in the year of the Tiger. He often thinks with his emotions and can get very jealous, which is evident when Aladdin spends more time with Jasmine than him and begins to forget his roots.

Rabbit – Pascal

Pascal sat on Rapunzel's shoulder in Rapunzel

At Disney Tangled, Rapunzel gets a little animal companion who is a chameleon named Pascal. Pascal embodies so well the personality of a person born in the year of a Rabbit. He is calm and often blends into the background (both literally and metaphorically).

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For a little chameleon though, he’s also very kind to everyone he meets who Rapunzel also seems to trust, and there have even been a handful of times he’s proven to be a very helpful companion, giving her all the qualities of a person born in the Year of the Rabbit.


Rajah comforts Jasmine in

Aladdin has quite a few animal companions, and another is Jasmine’s tiger, Rajah. Being a tiger, people might automatically assume he’s a scary and dangerous companion, but Rajah is anything but.

His tall and scary cat appearance gives him the charisma that many people born in the year of the Dragon have. He truly embodies many of the qualities that come with being born in the Year of the Dragon. Rajah works hard to protect Jasmine, which he does a good job of, while being incredibly trustworthy, honest, and loyal.

Snake – Khan

Mulan riding Khan in Mulan

Of all the animal companions in the Disney franchise, there are only a few that truly seem to embody the qualities of someone born in the year of the Serpent. Mulan’s horse, Khan is one of those few.

While Khan isn’t necessarily the first animal fans would think of when thinking of the Year of the Snake, he fulfills many of the year’s requirements. He is shown to be an intelligent horse who can make his own decisions and is often rather calm in situations that should cause him to panic. Khan also sticks to his nerve and doesn’t take any of Mushu’s iconic quotes, even when they disrespect him personally.

Horse – Pegasus

Baby Hercules and Baby Pegasus in Disney's Hercules.

Besides being the obvious choice, Disney’s Pegasus Hercules aligns perfectly as the best animal companion to fit the personality of being born in the year of the horse.

His lively personality, combined with his silly side and his dramatic side make him one of the most memorable and energetic Disney characters. His sense of adventure and travel, in addition to his loyalty to Hercules and eventually Meg, shows his true connection to the Year of the Horse.

Sheep – Pua

Pua watches Hei Hei peck a rock

Like some other Disney characters, Moana is a Disney character who has more than one animal companion. Pua, his pig, contrasts sharply with his other animal Hei Hei. It is Pua who has many traits that correspond to being born in the year of the Sheep.

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Sheep are often calm and gentle, which Pua is perceived, especially next to Hei Hei. Pua is usually found alongside Moana, loyal but also helping to get things done quietly. This little piggy seems to have a lot more potential than shown, but it’s obvious that Pua’s sheep-like personality could be shown more in the upcoming Disney+ show.

Monkey – Dante

Miguel and Dante on the bridge to the land of the dead in Coco de Pixar

When Dante was first introduced in coconut he seemed to be just a stray dog ​​that kept coming back into Miguel’s life. It wasn’t until he traveled to the Land of the Dead that it became apparent that Dante was much more than just a stray dog.

His outgoing social skills and constant curiosity indicate that he was born in the year of the Monkey. Although he is a dog, he seems to be very malleable and flexible, not to mention his transformation into an alebrije, which perfectly matches the trait of flexibility which is another trait of the Monkey.

Rooster – Max

Max may not have much time to shine The little Mermaid, but he doesn’t need it to show how perfect he is for Eric. Since this is a working dog on a ship, he must stay alert and alert Eric and the crew if he sees anything that could be dangerous.

He also works very hard at everything he does, whether it’s trying to catch Sebastian or trying to save Eric. He constantly shows his traits that match those born in the year of the Rooster.

Dog – Burnished

Frozen 2 Bruni Fire Spirit

There are a lot of things that fans can miss in Frozen 2, but Bruni is not one of them. Bruni is a salamander who is also the Spirit of Fire. The little salamander perfectly embodies the spirit of those born in the year of the dog for various reasons.

On the one hand, when he first meets Elsa and Anna, he is very shy and nervous, but he eventually warms up once he sees that they mean him no harm. Bruni is also shown to be genuine and persistent, two other notable qualities of dogs.

Pig – Little Brother


Little Brother is yet another character who doesn’t get much screen time, but fans don’t need to make the connection that he has the personality of someone born in the Year of the Pig.

He’s very useful, at least when Mulan finds a way to trick him. It’s really the high amount of energy he has and his enthusiasm that makes him the ideal candidate to be born in the year of the Pig.

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