What you see in the first 30 seconds indicates whether you have a creative or logical mind!


Optical illusion: Did you know that a human brain has two faces? Your brain has a logical and creative bend and your main life situations depend on which side of the brain you use. It is called the left brain and the right brain. Today’s optical illusion image will test the inner corners of your brain to reveal whether you are a logical-minded person or a creative-minded person. This in turn would reveal your strongest personality traits.

Check the image below and what you spot in the first 30 seconds would reveal the dominant part of your brain. Check out the analysis of each category below to discover your strongest personality traits.

The image below is made by an artist who is one of the best in creating such optical illusion sketches. This image has been used by many psychologists to find out what is really hidden in the minds of introverts.

Check the picture below.

How many people did you see in the first 30 seconds?

Did you see a man? Where have you seen a woman? How many of you have seen a couple standing by the lake?

Let us show you where the man and the woman are.


Did you see a baby in the first 30 seconds?

Nope? Let us show you where the baby actually was. Check the picture below. Check again near the branches.


Only 20% of people in the world could find the baby in this picture in 30 seconds. What it says about you and your personality can be checked below.

Optical illusion: what did you see? Analysis

  1. A man or a woman by the lake: You are a loner if you have seen a man or woman by the lake ignoring the mate standing beside them. You are very focused as a worker and strive to achieve your life goals. You also don’t need anyone by your side to achieve your goals and everything in your life is about you. It does not mean that you are wrong, but you are your priority in life. A clear user of the logical bend of mind, you are also a winner in most situations in your life. This goes for people who haven’t bothered to tell if it’s male or female, or if they’ve seen two males or two females. These people are leftists, in terms of brain use. The left side of your brain is useful for calculations, reading and writing.
  2. A couple standing by the lake: Did you spot the couple in the first 30 seconds? It means you enjoy using both creative and logical minds. The couple standing by the lake means you also have an imaginative thought. The right and left brain balance you maintain provides you with the vision needed to succeed in life. These people have an outgoing personality and have a glass-like wall that can be seen by few around them. They are friendly but hardly let anyone interfere in their lives.
  3. A baby: Have you seen the baby? Congratulations! You are one of the rare 20% of the world’s population who can spot a baby in 30 seconds. You are a true right-brain user, which means you have an imaginative cast of characters controlling you. The dominant part of your brain is its creative side. You also have the power to see beyond your time and are also gifted with the ability of sixth sense.

Let me ask you a question. Do you ever meet someone or go to a place and feel if it’s good or bad for you and it turns out to be true? Now you know that your creative mind not only imagines, but also feels. These people are great artists and prefer holistic activities, music, writing, imaginative creations, etc. You are also a dreamer if your right brain is dominant. Well, you’ve seen the baby, so we can say you are.

Optical illusion: something more today!

We hope you now have clarity and a good understanding of your personality. We know that the two sides of our brain are different, but does that really mean that we also have a dominant brain similar to a dominant hand? Some researchers say yes, while others find it hard to believe. We can only say that neuroscience is a mysterious field of science with many revelations ahead of us in the future. But one thing that can surely be said is that each human being uses his brain in a distinct way, making use of the right part at one time and the left part at another. But it depends on the man, which part he favors the most. This is why optical illusion tests claim to bring out inner thoughts and desires, which even humans struggle to bring forth.

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