What you need to know about the opening of the Lion’s Gate portal on August 8


The power of the Lion’s Gate portal also comes from numerology, holistic psychiatrist Kayse Budd, MD, told Mind Body Green. In astrology, the eighth house and eighth sign are Scorpio, whose traits are often associated with “power, transformation, energy, passion, and sexuality,” Budd explained.

When we asked astrologer and tarot reader Miriam Lapp about the power and meaning of August 8, she explained that the energy that the number “8” carries with it only supports what the universe will already provide. when the Lion’s Gate portal activates. It’s a particularly powerful time for manifestation because of the number’s connection to “wealth, abundance, success” and “prosperity.” She added that the number also helps to be ready to make those big life changes that you feel inspired to pursue.

However, it is not enough to put a goal in the universe; you must take an active role in improving your life. But hard work will pay off, astrologer Amy Zerner told Well and Good. “A double eight, as in 88, is said to bring double joy,” she explained, adding that the number’s symmetrical shape is another reason the number is considered so lucky: it “comes ready for perfect balance” and renewal.

August 8, the day the Lion’s Gate Portal is at the height of its power, is a day to start over. Whether this change is big or small is up to you and the work you are willing to do.


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