Westport firefighters rescue family dog ​​from early morning fire


Westport firefighters were able to save the life of a family dog ​​as they battled their second structure fire in a week.

Firefighters responded to a two-storey house on fire on Sanford Road around 1.30am on Sunday morning. According to Deputy Chief Dan Baldwin, firefighters arrived to find heavy smoke and fire coming from the back of the house on the first and second floors.

Alerted by smoke detectors to the blaze, all residents had evacuated the house except for the family’s golden retriever, which residents said was still on the second floor.

Firefighters contained most of the blaze from the outside before heading inside to search for the dog. The dog was found on the second floor, semi-conscious, and firefighters transported the dog to the yard where he was administered oxygen from a special mask designed for animals.

“Within minutes the dog became more alert and was quickly able to stand on all fours,” Baldwin said. “The dog appeared to be recovering quickly, but as a precaution the owners took him to the vet for further observation. We hope he makes a full recovery.

The home suffered extensive smoke, water and fire damage, Baldwin said. There are no casualties.

Fire investigators believe a heat lamp used to prevent pipes from freezing may
contributed to the cause.

Last week, Westport firefighters responded to a fire linked to a wood-burning stove, the third such fire in recent weeks.

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