Warning because dog owners wishing to abandon their animals are added to the waiting list


An animal rescue center in Liverpool has had to create a waiting list because it can no longer accommodate all the dogs brought to it.

Carla Lane Animals in Need based in Melling, Sefton said they were “completely full” after a “perfect storm” of trouble hit pet owners at the same time. They can no longer house animals that people want to abandon and are forced to put the owners on a list.

Kelly O’Shea, head of the rescue centre, told the BBC that people were buying dogs without realizing the commitment involved “but that’s only one factor for the center to reach its maximum capacity. She said many people have taken on new dogs during the pandemic when they had the time and energy to care for the new pets.

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However, once daily life resumed and people returned to the office, many found they were unable to handle the commitment of caring for their dog, and so turned to rescue centers like Carla Lane for help.

Others had to abandon their dog because they did not realize the financial commitments associated with owning such an animal. It has become a bigger problem as the cost of living continues to rise.

Kelly also said a rise in the number of “unscrupulous people” becoming “backyard herders” for “an easy stream of income” was another reason for the unprecedented demand for the rescue center. She said these breeders don’t consider whether the dogs they breed are suitable for a buyer’s home. This often leads to dog owners having to give up their pets.

Yet despite being at maximum capacity, Kelly encouraged owners of struggling dogs to get help from animal charities when they need it, saying they were ‘more than happy’ to help. In case of problem.

She said: “Sometimes just basic training is often enough for people to enjoy lifelong companionship with their pet.”

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