Various vendors help Billings grocery store avoid shortages


BILLINGS — While some grocery stores in Billings are feeling the brunt of supply shortages, Town and Country Foods shelves were well stocked thanks to the store’s diversity of suppliers, store manager Wayde Anderson said Saturday.

“I know there have been shortages. At the moment we haven’t felt the shortages as much as others. I think this is because we work with many different resources and fulfillment centers and that we’re doing everything we can to try to fill in the gaps when needed,” Anderson said.

MTN News / Mitch Lagge

Wayde Anderson, store manager of Town and Country Foods in Billings, speaks to MTN News on Saturday.

Some other stores in Billings weren’t so lucky, with bare shelves seen this weekend. There were holes on the shelves at the West End Target store on Saturday.

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MTN News

Empty shelves in the Saturday dairy section at the West End Target store in Billings.

At national scalegrocers struggled to find things like cream cheese, pet food and toilet paper, but those items were all in stock at Town and Country.

“We’re still ordering every day and trying to keep it full. Find other resources so we can get maybe replacement items for that, just to get it to the consumer. For the most part right now, we’re pretty well stocked and quite surprised and quite pleased with the amount of product we have in the store some people may not be doing as well but we try to reach as many resources as possible, as many centers of distribution, whether they’re local producers or whatever to put that product on the shelf,” Anderson said.

Some places have also seen a shortage of meat, with large meat packers like Tyson struggling to find employees. Again the problem is non-existent at Town and Country, thanks to local suppliers.

“We really had no problem getting meat. Again, we try to do as much local stuff as possible. I know a lot of Sidney, pretty local. But take a look at the meat crate today. today it looks quite full and fresh. We haven’t had too many problems with the meat supply,” Anderson said.


MTN News / Mitch Lagge

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