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I like many kinds of animals. I have already said in my previous articles that I love cats and would prefer cats as pets to dogs if I had to choose just one. I then explained my reason – most pet cats are not as dependent on their human owners as dogs are.

I was not able to scientifically study the specific needs, traits and habits of cats before I could say that I know enough now to say that I understand cats as pets. Over the years since my childhood, I have simply observed every little thing about my own cats. I did some “trial and error” with them to help me understand them better each day. It’s only recently that I learned more about cats scientifically through the internet. But what’s gratifying to know now with the Google search I did is that my personal experience in understanding cats was, in fact, valid.

Indoor cats also sleep a lot. The challenge now is to give indoor cats something to do to burn off that stored energy while they sleep. It’s always good to put shelves that they climb or a storage unit like the one in the photo that they can tackle climbing. It is also best to adopt another cat who can play with your cat. The cats in the photo are also Save ALL rescues who love small toys and climb anything.

I already know the answer to why cats do the weird things they do before I even started my research on the internet. Take, for example, why do cats knock an object from the table or the shelf or from a high place from where the object will certainly make noise if it falls on the floor? It’s because they’re bored and just curious what might happen if they did that.

Another is what they call “if it’s ok with me, I’ll sit down”. thing. Have you ever seen a cat that once it sees a box, bag, or any other type of container, no matter how ridiculously small it is to fit in it, he or she will always get in? in the small space? They do this because they always want to be somewhere warm and comfortable. In addition, these spots make them feel safe. You see, a cat’s nature is predator-prey. This means that it is innate in cats to feel their predatory trait against smaller animals like rats, snakes, lizards or insects. But it is also in them to feel preyed upon by larger animals such as dogs, larger feline species, large birds, among others. This “predator-prey” nature of cats is what makes them very cautious, sensitive and alert most often. This is also why they tend to look for places where they can be, either high up and difficult to reach, or hidden or camouflaged and difficult to spot. They need to feel safe and covered, which is why they enter these boxes, however small they may be for them. Of course, today’s house cats have another reason to enter these boxes: it’s fun to be in them and play hide and seek!

Have you ever seen your cat repeatedly pressing its front paws into you as it lays next to you or on top of you? Sometimes they would do it on one of your clothes or even in the air laying on their stomachs and looking at you. Some call it “kneading”. Others call it “baking cookies” or “smurgle”. Why are they doing this? This is one of their ways of expressing their love for you, their owner. They try to imitate their movements when they were still little kittens and they nursed their mother and with that they try to say to you, “mommy or daddy, I love you!”

Here’s one that some new cat owners mistake for problematic behavior: “zoomies.” Zoomies is when your cat suddenly goes wild everywhere like it’s trying to grab something. In fact, it also happens with dogs. Yes, dogs have zooms too. It’s perfectly normal. It just means that your cat is trying to release its stored energy. His energy balloon is full and he must start it so that it does not burst. You know what I mean? If you have observed your cat carefully, you will notice that it often sleeps most of the day or night. It is their nature. If they were in the wild, they do it because they are preparing for the hunt. Once they’ve filled their energy ball, they’re ready to hunt. And since domesticated cats don’t need to hunt for food, zooming is how they use up their stored energy if they don’t have other activities that could substitute for hunting. That’s why it’s imperative to create playtime with your cat, otherwise you’ll end up having a lot of broken stuff with their zooms.

Cats sleep a lot to store energy for night “hunting”. Seb here, thrown in the neighbor’s trash and rescued by Save Animals of Love and Light (Save ALL Inc.) when he was a few days old, sleeps a lot during the day, and hunts cockroaches and even baby snakes at night. He took on the role of cockroach-snake killer with Val.

There are many more weird things cats do and some of them are cute and make them funny or adorable. But some of these things are a bit scary for other cat owners who aren’t very knowledgeable about how cats are pets, especially beginners. To learn more about the reasons for these strange pet cat habits or traits, I recommend watching Jackson Galaxy’s Youtube videos about cats. If Caesar Millan is my favorite dog whisperer, Jackson Galaxy is my favorite cat whisperer.

About the Author: Mariana Burgos is a freelance artist. She has been a single mother for 14 years now because she is the wife of a desaparacido. She and her daughter are animal lovers and are active in the defense of not only human rights, but also animal rights.


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