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Custard Cream was one of 27 dogs and puppies entrusted to Hope Rescue in Wales after being seized from an illegal breeder in February. The Bichon Frize was in terrible condition with encroaching matted fur, and rescuers even feared for the lives of her and her unborn pup.

But Custard Cream is now unrecognizable after a haircut and lots of TLC from the charity.

She gave birth to a puppy, named Garibaldi, by caesarean section, and the couple are doing well.

Sara Rosser, welfare manager at Hope Rescue, said the dogs rescued from the illegal breeder were in some of the worst conditions she had ever seen.

Ms Rosser said: ‘You never know what you’re walking into when you’re asked to pick up dogs, but the conditions we encountered during this rescue were absolutely terrible and unacceptable.

“The dogs were in terrible condition, their fur matted and covered in dirt, some to the point of not being able to see or walk comfortably.”

The dogs and puppies underwent veterinary checks and grooming before being transferred to loving foster families.

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Hope Rescue was contacted by local authorities and the Regional Trading Standards Investigation Team and Animals were signed this week following an initial hearing.

They are now all looking for forever loving homes.

The charity estimates the total cost of preparing them for repatriation, including sterilization, at £15,000.

It comes at a time when it is facing high demand with people abandoning dogs following the lockdown puppy boom and amid the cost of living crisis.


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