Three-month-old baby girl killed by husky dog ​​named as two arrested for horror incident


A three-month-old baby girl who was killed by a husky dog ​​while in a wooded area has been named.

Kyra Leanne King died of her injuries after being attacked by the animal at Oster’s Plantation shortly after 11 p.m. on March 6.

A 40-year-old woman and a 54-year-old man were arrested on suspicion of being in charge of an out-of-control dog, but were later released under investigation, Lincolnshire Live reports.

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An investigation should open Wednesday on this sad incident.

At the time, locals said the animal’s owners regularly raced it with other huskies on converted ‘sleds’ after dark in the popular forest.

A white sprinter van and a quad bike were seized from the parking lot in the forest and are being examined by forensic teams.

A worker from a nearby hotel said: ‘One of the dogs got loose from the others and grabbed the baby.

James Carter, 40, from nearby Billinghay, came across the scene on Monday morning while walking his dog.

He told the Mirror: ‘We saw a large public transport van, like a kind of converted camper van.

“The police were taking out various things and taking pictures of them and then putting them in their van.

“It was around 11.30am yesterday, we were walking our dog and it was clear that something serious had happened.

“There was another car parked in front of the motorhome, a black one. They were both sealed off.

“Then we heard that a baby had died and we thought we should come here and lay flowers.

“It’s tragic.”

A local dog breeder said it’s common knowledge that husky owners run their pets through the woods.

“I know one guy in particular who often races his huskies there after dark,” she told the Mirror.

“It’s all legal, you have to have a license to do it.”

He added: “Huskies get bad press and it’s tragic what happened, but I hope people don’t choose the breed.”

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