Thousands of donations for dog hit by truck in Linwood


A dog was hit by a truck on Shore Road in Linwood and a GoFundMe page has already raised thousands of dollars in an effort to save the puppy.

In an article posted on the “Atlantic County Lost and Found Pets” public Facebook page, a photo of the dog was struck by a vehicle around 11 am Tuesday morning on Shore Road.

Photos on the GoFundMe page and on the Facebook page show the devastating injuries the dog Snow sustained as a result of the crash.

According to the post, the handler did not stop after hitting the dog and the owner is “absolutely devastated”. The message indicates that the veterinarian’s bill estimate is $ 10,000.

A GoFundMe page was set up to help pay the vet’s bill for Snow, and by 4:30 am today, more than 90 people had donated over $ 4,000 for the puppy’s care.

Owner Giuliana Modugno said this about the dog and the accident on the Go Fund Me page:

“She is a beautiful, gentle, docile and charming German Shepherd whose love and loyalty are immense. She is 2 years old and full of life, we love her like our own child. The person who did this has left the scene and we have little to no information on who they are.All we know is our dog is in very bad shape and the man was driving a red truck, hit her at about 40 MPH and gone even faster Two witnesses saw this happen, also contacting nearby stores to see if they have any cameras on their property that might have captured the vehicle make or license plate. The police are also investigating. “

Donations to Snow’s care can be made here.

According to an article from, any driver in New Jersey who strikes a domestic animal, such as a dog, is required to report the accident:

4: 22-25.1. Motorist hitting a domestic animal to stop; report
Anyone driving a motor vehicle which must knowingly strike, run over or injure a cat, dog, horse or livestock must stop immediately, determine the extent of the injury, report to the nearest police station, to the police officer, or notify the nearest Animal Cruelty Prevention Society and provide their name, address, business license and registration number, as well as the location of the injured animal.

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