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San Diego, California. Henry, the Labrador Retriever, has a job to do. He is there to help and comfort Heather in her everyday life.

Heather was working at a service dog training organization when she met Henry. He was the first dog she helped foster at the facility and was fortunate enough to become her working dog.

He helped me overcome the longest depression I’ve had, he inspired me to change careers, and he made it easier for me to go out, especially doctor appointments..”

The couple became best of friends. Although the two were rarely apart, one morning while Heather was dog sitting for a client, she received an alarming text that Henry was refusing to eat. It was very unusual for Henry not to eat, even when he wasn’t hungry.

So Heather came home right away.

When she saw him, she knew something was wrong. Her stomach was huge and it didn’t act like her happy, energetic self. She knew he needed medical attention immediately.

The vets determined that he had stomach bloating. Also known as crooked stomach, this is a serious condition, often resulting in death in large breed dogs.

The stomach fills with gas, liquid, or food, causing it to bloat. As it swells, the stomach literally twists a half to full loop on itself, cutting off the blood supply to major organs. It is painful for the dog. Henry was in trouble.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Henry

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