The Grand Traverse Co. Sheriff’s Department provides updates on East Bay Township. Cases of animal abuse


Aerial view of the property

An animal abuse case is currently being investigated in Grand Traverse County.

An East Bay Township man was arrested last week after failing to comply with a waste ordinance.

During last weekend’s cleanup, police discovered more than 100 neglected and malnourished dogs on the property.

“The MP described in his report that it was chaotic – lots of dogs barking and the overpowering smell of urine and feces – just a very disturbing situation,” said Lt. Brian Giddis of Grand Traverse County.

A total of 164 dogs were discovered on the property Friday.

At the end of the weekend, 34 people were found dead.

Due to the high volume, multiple animal control agencies were called to assist with the removal.

Vets have confirmed that many dogs are hypothermic or near hypothermia – after being left outside in nine degree weather.

“The sheriff’s office is sending a report to the prosecutor asking for charges against the owners for animal abuse and neglect,” Giddis said.

However, the Grand Traverse County Sheriff’s Department does not believe the owners operated a puppy mill.

“The information I have does not indicate any sort of ongoing business operation where they are selling animals,” Giddis said. “I think it’s all about collecting animals, for some reason, and it’s gotten awfully out of control.”

The surviving dogs are kept at the Cherryland Humane Society.

Many people and organizations in Traverse City have donated to the shelter in any way they can.

“Munson heard about the issue with the dogs here in East Bay Township, and so they decided they had some extra supplies and they were going to donate the supplies to Humane Society here – gloves, wipes, bandages, things like that,” said Bruce Falberg, a member of the Northern Michigan Supply Alliance.

Traverse City resident Jenny Hanrahan brought supplies to the shelter this morning.

“Our pets mean a lot to us and knowing that someone has so many pets in their home that are not being cared for, I hope the dogs they have rescued all find good homes” , Hanrahan said.

The county has condemned the home and the owner is expected to be arraigned on Tuesday.

His wife could also face charges.

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