The first animal you see will reveal your personality traits


New Delhi | Jagran Trend Office: Many times you see such pictures which leave you confused as they look different than they really are. These images are optical illusions, which do not correspond to reality and our brain perceives them differently. These images also tell about our personality, our IQ and how our brain works. So know more facts about yourself with this optical illusion.

Take a look at this picture. What do you see first? There are many animals in this image and the first animal you see will tell about your personality. There are a total of 9 animals in this picture and try to identify these animals.


If you saw a dog first, you are a caring, loyal, and protective person. You bring joy to others when you are around them and have a friendly approach to others.


If you saw a butterfly first, you are very good at adapting to a different environment. No changes bother you and you have a flexible lifestyle. You are also a determined person, who can do anything to achieve your goal.


If you saw a wolf first, then you are an opinionated person, not afraid to speak your mind. You always manage to stand out in the crowd with your fierce and fearless attitude.


If you saw a dove first, you are a very caring, loving, and patient person. You have a positive and peaceful energy and you are a very calm person.


If you saw a rooster first, then you are a brave person who is not afraid to fight back if someone has wronged you. You keep striving to achieve something despite difficulties, setbacks, or opposition.


If you saw a crab first, you are a very loyal person. You will not think of doing something wrong with someone and will remain faithful to your loved ones. People may see you as a tough person on the outside, but you are a loving person on the inside.

Praying mantis

If you saw a praying mantis first, you are a very patient person. You follow your intuition to achieve your goals and know what is right and what is wrong.


If you saw an eagle first, then you are a focused person and like to make your own decision in your life.

Posted by: Simran Srivastava


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