The Doctor Who Companion you are based on your zodiac sign


It has been said that people born under the sign of Aries can handle conflict, have confidence in themselves, and don’t back down from bullies. If so, the only companion that fits this description as a glove is Ace. First appearing in “Dragonfire” history, Ace is a young woman from Perivale, London, with attitude, a flair on her shoulder and a passion for homemade explosives.

She wears an oversized jacket with her name on it, calls the Seventh Doctor “professor” and doesn’t respond well to threats. As her time in the TARDIS continues, audiences watch her mature, becoming less brash and more calculating in her actions. Interestingly, this somewhat reflects the growth of his Doctor, who was played by Sylvester McCoy. When his tenure began, the Seventh Doctor looked more like a silent movie bum than a time lord. However, by its second season it had deepened, becoming darker and more mysterious. His character growth likely influenced Ace’s change as well.

Perhaps the best evidence of Ace exhibiting all of Aries’ best traits can be found in the 1988 story “Remembrance of the Daleks”. In a truly iconic scene, instead of yelling and running away from the Mad Daleks, which would be an acceptable response, Ace takes a bat against the Dalek, dealing some pretty serious damage. No, the conflict is definitely not a problem for Ace.


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