The Boba Fett Book Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac Sign


One of the most intriguing new characters introduced in “The Book of Boba Fett” is Garsa Fwip (Jennifer Beals), owner and proprietor of a Mos Espa bar, lounge, and casino known as Sanctuary. In his few appearances throughout the series, Fwip is shown to be very cunning and intelligent, with a deft touch for handling sticky situations and negotiating with dangerous people. This skill set is a necessity in Mos Espa, where most of the clientele consists of smugglers, bounty hunters, killers, thieves, and other disreputable characters. Keeping a successful business afloat in this type of Outer Rim environment requires a delicate sense of balance and diplomacy – essential characteristics of the air sign Libra.

Reigning from September 23 to October 22, Libra is represented by the Scales and embodies the principles of balance and harmony. Libras have a light touch, are often deeply empathetic, and can be quite good at keeping the world around them in order. Direct confrontation is where they sometimes tend to falter, but with such adept and adept interpersonal skills, they rarely need heavier tactics.

Only someone like Garsa Fwip could stand inches from an enraged Wookie and soothingly attempt to dissuade him from ripping off his bosses’ arms. In this particular case, of course, she largely failed – but really, it’s the effort that counts.


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