The best gifts for people obsessed with the TikTok protest


TikTok is full of tips for common struggles like parenting, pet care, or the awesome orange stains spaghetti sauce leaves on your Tupperware. But there is also a side of TikTok dedicated to hacking … life itself.

Manifestation TikTok is where thousands of people share how they brought abundance (like money or a truly good relationship) into their lives. The ‘how’ usually involves journaling, affirming, practicing gratitude, or mediating, but it’s all part of the same school of thought: you can have whatever you want while you’re at it. open.


The best gifts for maximalists, so they can show off their bold style

Being ‘open’ is more than just a duh, we would all be open to win the lottery. According to Successful Manifestors (that’s a word, isn’t it?), These methods help you adopt the mindset that the things you are looking for already exist – and they will appear once you will have matched their energy. (The simple claim “I don’t hunt, I attract,” a viral TikTok sound posted by @fitsara with nearly 6 million views at the time of writing, makes it clear.)

Do you know anyone who takes this trip? Whose TikTok feed isn’t even funny because every video is all about the Law of Attraction? Whether they’re convinced by the wellness trend or romanticizing their life because it’s camp, the unique gifts below can amplify the good vibes they’re looking for.


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