The benefits of professional dog training


BIG RAPIDS – Over the past few years many have brought home a new four legged member of the family, but have you taken the time to train your dog to be the best he can be? January just happens to be National Train Your Dog Month when we’re reminded why proper training is so important not just for our young dog, but for any four-legged family member you bring home. the House. HTails dog training teaches positive reinforcement training which they have found to be extremely effective.

Bringing home a new furry family member is an exciting time, but also a time to train and bond with your dog to begin establishing a clear line of communication. Happy Tails Dog Training is all about positive reinforcement by teaching your dog the behaviors you want before he makes mistakes.

Melissa Simpson, owner and head trainer of CPDT-KA, said: “Rewarding the behaviors you like in your dog, rather than saying no all the time? That’s probably the biggest mistake owners make, c “is that they walk around saying no, no, no. . What you really should be doing is saying yes and rewarding. Give your dog behaviors you like.”

Simpson says they teach owners and dogs in their classes. Dog parents need to understand their dogs well to help them learn what is best to do by rewarding good deeds.

Simpson said: “There are many scientific studies that back this up. When you punish a dog, you get two things that happen. Either the dog stops or the dog finds a different way of doing things on its own- same. “

Happy Tails says the sooner the better to build that bond with your dog through training and play. Puppies as young as 10 weeks old can start taking lessons.

“So those are very safe environments. So the earlier the puppies start, the better. If you’re adjusting to a shelter dog, we generally recommend that you bond with that dog. First, give dog a month or two in your home, you can always start training at home, but get to know the dog first to make sure he’s comfortable in a group class,” said Simpsons.

Puppies first learn to connect with their owner, then learn the basics…sit, lie down, and come are all entry level commands that Happy Tails teaches. From a dog’s perspective, this can all seem like rewarding play.

“One of the big things that we like initially is eye contact, so we reward it mostly by offering eye contact, we want the doctor to look at our face, reward, reward, reward, name recognition is huge,” Simpson said.

Every dog ​​learns differently and has different needs, which makes training that much more difficult. Trainers don’t suggest Google your way through training your dog when there are certified trainers to help you every step of the way.

Simpson said: “It’s overwhelming. It’s confusing, you’ll get too many answers from too many different sources. Getting into a professional trainer is like going to see your doctor.”

Adding dogs to your family is great, but training with professionals like forming happy tails is crucial before problems arise or escalate. Training and learning are a permanent activity for a dog, which happy tails says you can use enrichment tools like a lick mat, kong, and treat dispenser at any age. Plan ahead for training your pup or even help with dog responsiveness which Happy Tails also has a program for.


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