The arrow character you are based on your zodiac sign


Oliver’s right-hand man since day one, John Diggle (David Ramsey) is just about the best ally a superhero could ask for. Loyal and stable, Diggle never loses sight of the human element behind Team Arrow’s mission. He cares deeply for everyone and genuinely wants to help make the world a better place – qualities that align him closely with the air sign Aquarius.

Ruling from January 20 to February 18, the signs of Aquarius may seem a bit contradictory at first glance. They are fiercely themselves and rarely constrained to a goal or value system they don’t believe in. Yet they also value honesty and loyalty intensely, and they have immense compassion for the people in their lives. In other words, Aquarians will work tirelessly for the good of others, but only when it aligns with their own inner compass.

If that description doesn’t conjure up an image of John Diggle in your mind, nothing will. As a Spartan vigilante warrior, he is one of Star City’s best protectors. As a man, he’s just as vigilant, always the one checking on the other members of Team Arrow to make sure they’re holding their own. He is dedicated, passionate and stays true to his own path first and foremost – an excellent representative of the Aquarius sign.


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