The AKC finally recognizes the Bracco Italiano as its 200th breed


The Bracco Italiano has finally landed in America. A beautiful new breed of dog landed at LaGuardia Airport this week and once it hit the tarmac for press photos, a soft but audible bark echoed throughout North America, and translated, he said: “Buongiorno a tutti”. Of course, none of this happened, but I thought it would get your attention. What happened however, was that the AKC finally recognized the Bracco Italiano as its 200th dog breed.

According to Rocadog on YouTube (video below), the Bracco Italiano has been around since the Middle Ages. Now, to give you an idea, this means that while good old Shakespeare was writing his tragedies and comedies – maybe even Romeo and Juliet himself – there were probably a few Bracco Italianos running around the yard and barking all the way into the night while good old William tried to meet his writing deadlines….

But as noted above, the American Kennel Club has finally allowed this breed into the mix, which of course is great news.

Interestingly enough, they are the perfect hunting dog, also known as hunting dogs, but at the same time they are perfect and loyal dogs for families and they are great with children. They are cuddly, but if they are on the hunting grounds, they are excellent retrievers.

They are best kept when properly exercised and trained. It’s important to get their brains working, so training them for show is especially good, or rather they’re good for such endeavors, but if those aren’t exactly on your list of goals, then they do great pets for families, just be sure to keep them in plenty of exercise and play with them as much as you cuddle them.

It’s a very special addition to the AKC as the Bracco Italiano is the 200th member of the elite squad.

So why did race finally make the cut, so to speak? Well, the breed met the standard decided by the AKC, which specifies that the breed must be: “robust and suitable for all types of hunting, reliable, docile and intelligent…”

Lisa Moller, a Bracco Italiano mum herself, said on their behalf:

“It’s very easy to live with and be with them, and yet it’s like a light switch – when it’s time to jump in the back of the truck and go hunting, and they have a job, they light up like a Christmas tree…”

via CTV News (link below)

And that’s according to the official AKC website which states that the dog is affirmatively good with other dogs, good with young children, and affectionate with family, seconding our other sources above.

They also get quite large, although they start out as adorable little puppies, and their traits also show when they are very young…if a bit rambunctious, you’ll see it then, early on. If they will be calm from adolescence to adulthood, it will show as early.

According to a CTV News article, the breed wasn’t introduced to North America until the mid-90s, which of course is interesting and obviously may have led to the late entry into the AKC…and all that despite its existence since then. good old Shakespeare, as mentioned above.

But the breed is happily a member of the AKC now, and many furry moms and dads of these lovable and reliable dogs are sure to be happy about it, just like us here at Dog O’ Day.

And for the aforementioned few who have adopted these dogs, they can now be registered with the Westminster Kennel Club due to this inclusion in the AKC…with the breed finally being recognized which is perfect as they train well for many such companies, as mentioned above. So, in the end, good news all around. We should see an influx of the breed to North America soon enough.

Do any of you have a Bracco Italiano, dear readers? If so, tell us about your adoption story and do you plan to train him for the show?


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