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Among the many things that determine how much of a threat a villain will be is who is at the top of their payroll. Since most villains prefer to make plans and give orders, they rely on big henchmen to do the dirty work. Unfortunately, over the years, many antagonists have been let go by henchmen who were simply not competent.

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The best henchmen normally give the hero a hard time, giving the villain plenty of time to pursue their plans. Throughout Hollywood’s existence, fans have seen many number 2s, but which were the most notable? According to Reddit, a few stand out.


Jaws – The Spy Who Loved Me (1977) and Moonraker (1979)

Roger Moore as James Bond and Richard Kiel as Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me

Cameleon believes that one of James Bond’s greatest henchmen is also one of the greatest movie henchmen of all time. Of Jaws they say, “Whenever Bond is about to capture or kill him, he slips away”, adding, “forces Bond to choose between pursuing him or the main villain.”

Jaws is unique because it doesn’t require weapons. It has razor sharp steel teeth that can cut through anything. As such, its victims are eliminated via a vampire-like bite instead of the cliched bullet through the flesh. The villains’ stamina is also quite impressive as he is constantly seen coming out of situations that would have killed regular men. Thanks to his genius, he is the only Bond henchman to appear in 2 films.

Major Baxter – The Rock (1996)

Major Baxter explains government demands in The Rock

Redditor H89s traces back to what is arguably the most rewatchable of Michael Bay’s finest films. They write, “Major Baxter of The rock was pretty cool.”

Baxter’s cruelty should be gross, but that makes him kind of appealing. There’s nothing he won’t do to ensure a mission isn’t compromised, including letting one of his colleagues die. It’s something he gladly does when US Force Recon Marines attack a depot to steal weapons. His death is not in vain either, since he is only killed when two of his colleagues mutiny against the commanding soldier.

Mad Dog – Badass (1992)

Mad Dog leads his colleagues to an attack in Hard Boiled

John Woo movies have plenty of henchmen, but here Mad Dog is the most impressive. They simply call him “one of cinema’s finest henchmen”.

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Mad Dog shines with the way he constantly stands up to the protagonists. He survives several gunfights and continues to bully several other characters throughout the film. He also has a bit of a conscience, something that drives him to shoot his boss for killing a bunch of innocent people. Unfortunately, he ends up being killed too.

Bob the Cretin – Batman (1989)

Jdogy2002 simply names “Bob from Tim Burton’s Batman!” In the very first live-action Batman film, Bob is the first lieutenant among the Joker’s enforcers.

Bob and the Joker get along well since the personality of the Aide-de-camp mirrors that of his boss. Like the Joker, he likes to laugh even when the going gets tough. He is also extremely loyal, remaining loyal to Jack Napier from his days as a regular thug until his transformation into the Joker.

The Skull – Scarface (1980)

JC-Ice has an interesting pick, named “The guy who finally shot Tony Montana in the big shootout.” as one of the most capable enforcers in the movies. They refer to The Skull, one of the two lieutenants of Bolivian drug lord Alejandro Sosa.

As tough as he looks, The Skull is more of a mastermind than Braun’s type of villain. The third act of the film is arguably the best and in this one, Tony obliterates most of Sosa’s henchmen to save himself. And The Skull turns out to be the only one as smart as his boss since he approaches Tony from behind instead of putting himself in danger. In this way, he manages to kill him.

Razor Fist – Shang-Chi (2021)

Razor Fist fighting Shang-Chi on the bus.

Redditor da_real_targaryen praises Razor Fist for being different and changing his mind. They state, “Choosing to fight together against the main villain is not something I expected there.”

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Besides actions, appearances also determine how memorable a villain will become, and Razor Fist scores a lot of points in this particular area. One of his hands has a retractable blade, which makes him more lethal when fighting. As such, he’s the focus of some of the most entertaining action sequences, including the fight with Shang-Chi on the train.

Darth Vader – Star Wars (1977 – Present)

darth vader luke skywalker star wars

Of the movie’s villains who had the same henchmen, League-TMS says “The Emperor had Darth Vader.” the star wars The character also happens to be one of the most popular outlaws of all time.

As a henchman, Vader is certainly good at outplaying the master. He is not only more intimidating but also firmer in his decision-making. Vader isn’t the kind of henchman who only follows orders, either, as some of his best arcs involve him pursuing his own goals.

Killian’s Henchmen – Iron Man 3 (2013)

Killian's henchman surrenders to Tony Stark in Iron Man 3

Killian’s Last Henchman has one of the best quotes from Iron man 3. His statement comes after he chose to quit rather than face Iron Man and Timozi90 praises him for being “smart enough to bail out”.

Criminals rarely impress with their cowardice, unlike Killian’s henchman. He’s logical enough to weigh his options and realize he doesn’t stand a chance against Iron Man. And instead of being ruthless, he’s funny, making him a perfect fit for the MCU as a whole.

Max – The Great Race (1965)

The Great Race 1965

Of movie henchmen, Cynics_United says, “I don’t think there’s been a decent one since The big race.” They refer to Max, Professor Fate’s sidekick who sabotages other racers’ cars in the slapstick comedy.

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Great lackeys do everything in their power to make their bosses successful and that’s the case with Max. He’s also shown to be more likable as he’s less clumsy than Professor Fate who has all the stereotypical traits of 60s villains. He’s also not without flaws, as his carelessness reminds the audience why he’s second in command. and not the first.

Mr. French – The Departed (2006)

Mr French advises Frank on how to find the mole in The Departed

Mafia boss Frank Costello also had a pretty cool right-hand man and fans remember him fondly. Redditor smokinjoe056 says, “I always thought Mr. French The dead was great.”

Besides having a cool name, Mr. French is extremely intimidating. It effortlessly performs mob tasks such as collecting from bookmakers and threatening. What Mr. French is poor at is verification since he doesn’t realize it when an undercover cop joins the organization. Ultimately, it costs everyone.

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