Steady Hands, Hearts of Gold: Local Tattoo Shops Hold Holiday Donation Drives | WJHL


(WJHL) – Have you dreamed of an inked Christmas? If so, these local tattoo companies have you covered while giving back to the community.

Bristol Tattoo Society

The Bristol Tattoo Company’s 6th Annual On-Line Toy Drive is underway! Anyone who wishes to participate can bring $ 30 worth of toys / clothing or gift cards / gasoline and a receipt from a participating downtown merchant to obtain a $ 50 tattoo gift certificate.

If you prefer to donate outright, downtown donors will also accept cash donations.

Depending on the event to place, all donations will go to Abuse Alternatives, which provides emergency shelter for victims of abuse in the region.

Gallery now or never

Now or Never Gallery is helping furry friends in the area with a fundraising campaign for local humanitarian societies.

According to a listing for the event, Now or Never accepts blankets, pillows, pet food, litter, puppy pads, toys, and monetary donations to local animal shelters and adoption centers. Items are essential in making sure pets are comfortable while they wait for their forever home.

Pioneer tattoo company

Pioneer tattoo company hosts its 7th annual Toys for Tats drive, which promises participating visitors a $ 50 gift card when they bring in toys valued at $ 20-25 with a receipt.

Gift cards will become valid on January 1 and can be used for any ink after that date. Donations are open to everyone, but gift cards will only be issued once to each person.

Donated toys will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club of Elizabethton.


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